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Surinam : B1-B400
Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Catalog #PriceAdd
B1-3 NH$8.00
B1-3 H$2.50
B1 H$0.65
B2 H$0.65
B4-7 NH$50.00
B4-7 H$11.00
B4-7 U$12.00
B5-8 H$18.00
B8-11 NH$50.00
B8-11 H$15.00
B12-15 NH$40.00
B12-15 H$11.00
B16-21 NH$55.00
B16-21 H$9.75
B22-25 NH$20.00
B22-25 H$6.50
B22 H$1.65
B24-25 H$4.75
B26-29 NH$12.50
B26-29 H$4.50
B26-27 H$3.00
B29 U$1.50
B30-33 NH$9.00
B30-33 H$4.50
B34-36 NH, Imp.$35.00
B34-36 H, Imp. Pairs$50.00
B34-36 NH$30.00
B34-36 H$20.00
B34-36 U$20.00
B37-40, CB1 H$45.00
B37-40, CB1 U$40.00
B37-40 H$45.00
B37a NH$1.50
B38 H$35.00
B38a H$35.00
B41-46 NH$16.50
B41-46 NH, (Specimen Ovpt.)$15.00
B41-46 H$12.50
B47-48, CB4-5 NH$11.00
B47-48, CB4-5 H$8.50
B47-48 NH$5.00
B47-48 H$4.50
B49-52 NH$50.00
B49-52 H$38.50
B53-54 NH$5.00
B53-54 H$3.75
B55-57 NH$26.00
B55-57 H$20.00
B55-57 U$16.00
B58-61 NH$17.50
B58-61 H$14.00
B62-63 NH$3.75
B62-63 H$3.00
B62-63 U$4.00
B64 NH$0.45
B64 H$0.30
B64 U$0.35
B65-68 H$1.00
B69-72 NH$3.00
B69-72 H$2.50
B73-79 H$2.50
B73-74 NH$0.35
B73-74 H$0.25
B75-79 NH$3.50
B75-79 H$2.75
B80-84 NH$1.65
B80-84 H$1.25
B85-89 NH$2.00
B85-89 H$1.50
B85-89 U$1.00
B90-93 NH$1.25
B90-93 H$0.95
B94-98 NH$1.00
B94-98 H$0.75
B95a NH, SS$1.00
B95a H, SS$0.75
B99-103 NH$1.50
B99-103 H$1.00
B104-07 NH$0.90
B104-07 H$0.75
B108-11 NH$0.75
B108-11 H$0.50
B108-09 NH, Pair$0.35
B109a NH, SS$0.75
B109a H, SS$0.50
B112-15 NH$0.75
B112-15 H$0.50
B116-19 NH$0.75
B116-19 H$0.50
B118a NH, SS$0.90
B118a H, SS$0.75
B118a U, SS$0.75
B120-21 NH$0.35
B120-21 H$0.25
B121a NH S/S$0.45
B121a H S/S$0.30
B122-26 NH$0.90
B122-26 H$0.75
B127-31, + B129a NH$1.50
B127-31 NH$0.90
B127-31 H$0.75
B127, 29 NH, Strip/3$0.45
B129a NH, SS$0.65
B129a H, SS$0.50
B132-36 NH$0.90
B132-36 H$0.75
B137-41 NH$0.90
B137-41 H$0.75
B139a NH, SS$0.75
B139a H, SS$0.50
B142-46 NH$0.90
B142-46 H$0.75
B147-51, + B149a NH$1.75
B147-51 NH$1.00
B147-51 H$0.75
B149a NH, SS$0.75
B149a H, SS$0.50
B149a U$0.50
B152-56 NH$1.00
B152-56 H$0.75
B157-61 NH$0.90
B157-61 H$0.75
B159a NH, SS$0.75
B159a H$0.50
B162-66 NH$2.00
B162-66 H$1.50
B167-71, + B169a NH$3.00
B167-71 NH$2.00
B167-71 H$1.65
B169a NH, S/S$1.25
B169a H, S/S$0.90
B169a U, S/S$1.00
B172-76 NH$2.00
B172-76 H$1.50
B177-81, + B179a NH$3.50
B177-81 NH$2.00
B177-81 H$1.65
B179a NH, S/S$1.50
B179a H, SS$1.00
B182-86 NH$2.00
B182-86 H$1.50
B187-91, + B189a NH$3.00
B187-91 NH$2.00
B187-91 H$1.50
B189a NH, S/S$1.25
B189a H$0.90
B192-96 NH$1.65
B192-96 H$1.25
B197 NH$0.75
B197 H$0.60
B198-202, + B200a NH$3.00
B198-202 NH$2.00
B198-202 H$1.65
B198-200 H$0.65
B200a NH, SS$1.00
B200a H, SS$0.75
B203-07 NH$2.00
B203-07 H$1.50
B208-10 NH$1.25
B208-10 H$0.90
B211-15, + B213a NH$3.00
B211-15 NH$2.00
B213a NH, SS$1.25
B213a H, SS$0.90
B216-19 NH$1.50
B216-19 H$1.25
B220-21 NH$1.00
B220-21 H$0.75
B222-25 NH$1.50
B222-25 H$1.25
B223a NH$1.25
B223a H$0.90
B226-30 NH$4.00
B226-30 H$3.50
B228a NH, S/S$2.50
B228a H, S/S$2.00
B231-35 NH$5.00
B231-35 H$4.00
B233a NH, S/S$4.75
B233a H, SS$3.75
B236-40 NH$2.00
B241-45 NH$2.75
B241-45 H$2.25
B241-44 NH$1.75
B243a NH$1.25
B243a H$0.90
B246-50 NH$1.75
B246-50 H$1.25
B251-55 NH$2.00
B251-55 H$1.65
B253a NH$1.25
B253a H, SS$0.90
B256-60 NH$2.00
B256-60 H$1.50
B261-65 NH$2.00
B261-65 H$1.50
B263a NH$1.75
B263a H$1.25
B266-70 NH$2.25
B271-75 NH$2.00
B271-75 H$1.50
B275a NH$1.25
B275a H, S/S$0.90
B276-78 NH$1.50
B276-78 H$1.00
B279-83 NH$2.50
B279-83 H$2.00
B284-88 NH$2.25
B288a NH$2.25
B288a H$1.75
B289-93 NH$3.00
B289-93 H$2.50
B294-98 NH$3.50
B294-98 H$3.00
B298a NH$2.25
B298a H$1.75
B299-303 NH$3.50
B299-303 H$3.00
B304-08 NH$3.50
B304-08 H$3.00
B308a NH, S/S$2.50
B308a H, SS$2.00
B309-13 NH$3.50
B314-17 NH$4.00
B314-17 H$3.50
B318-22 NH$3.50
B318-22 H$3.00
B321a NH, SS$1.75
B321a H, SS$1.25
B323-27 NH$3.50
B323-27 H$3.00
B328-30 NH$2.75
B331-35 NH$3.50
B331-35 H$3.00
B334a NH$1.75
B334a H$1.25
B336-40 NH$2.75
B341-43 NH$2.25
B343 NH$1.25
B344-45 NH$2.25
B344-45 H$1.75
B346-50 NH$3.25
B346-50 H$2.75
B349a H$1.50
B351-55 NH$3.00
B351-55 H$2.50
B356-59 NH$4.00
B356-59 H$3.50
B360-62 NH$2.75
B360-62 H$2.25
B362a NH$2.00
B362a H$1.50
B366-67 NH$3.00
B366-67 H$2.50
B368-70 NH$3.00
B368-70 H$2.50
B370a NH$3.00
B370a H$2.50
B371-73 NH$3.75
B374-76 NH$4.50
B374-76 H$3.50
B376a NH$2.75
B376a H$2.25
B377-79 NH$3.25
B380-82 H$3.50
B382a NH$2.75
B382a H$2.25
B385a NH$3.00
B386-88 NH$4.25
B386-88 H$3.75
B388a NH$2.25
B388a H$1.75
B389-91 NH$3.50
B392-94 NH$3.50
B392-94 H$3.00
B394a NH$2.75
B394a H$2.00
B398-401 H$4.25
B400a H$2.00

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