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FOREIGN OFF-PAPER, MINT and USED - We have received well over 1,000 pounds of foreign stamps off-paper. These have been thrown into barrels regardless of size, shape, description, value, etc. Some of this material is the usual mission mixture, some approval remainders, some complete mint sets, some individual stamps with higher catalogue values, and also some souvenir sheets. Because this lot is so popular now, we are always running low. To keep stock available, we have decided to throw in some of our surplus (extra) stock regardless of catalogue value. Consequently, this mixture is a real bonanza. Just give it a try and you will be back for more. Of course you would expect duplication, but the variety of the countries represented and variety of material is tremendous. There are a lot of stamps in one pound, so if you are a general collector who wants to have a lot of fun and do it cheaply, here is your chance. Our usual money back guarantee if not delighted. Cost is only US $57.50 for one pound, $105 for 2 pounds, $155 for 3 pounds, $205 for 4 pounds.
Extra Shipping Cost:$ 7.00
Price $ 57.50
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