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Spain : B1-End
Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Catalog #PriceAdd
B18 U$65.00
B19-22 NH$150.00
B19-22 H$60.00
B20-25 H$60.00
B20 H$6.50
B22 H$37.50
B32-42 H$195.00
B32-33 H$11.00
B32 H$5.75
B33 H$5.75
B66 H$80.00
B72 H$25.00
B74-105 H$36.50
B74-85 H$6.50
B74-81 H$7.50
B74 H$0.25
B76-81 H$7.00
B76 H$0.25
B78-86 H$8.50
B78-81 NH$12.50
B78-81 H$7.50
B78 NH$0.85
B78 H$0.40
B79 H$0.40
B80-81, 96-97 H$6.75
B80-81 NH$8.00
B80-81 H$4.00
B80 NH$4.00
B80 H$2.00
B81 NH$4.00
B81 H$2.00
B86 H$2.50
B90-97 H$6.00
B90-96 H$4.50
B90 H$0.25
B90 U$0.25
B92-97 H$7.00
B92 H$0.30
B94-97 NH$12.50
B94-97 H$5.00
B94-97 U$5.50
B94 NH$0.85
B94 H$0.30
B95-97 NH$10.00
B96 NH$4.00
B96 H$3.00
B97 NH$4.00
B97 H$2.00
B102-05 H$10.00
B106b NH$18.00
B108a H, Blk/4$10.00
B108a H, MD$5.00
B127 H$0.85
B139-41 NH$1.25
B142-45 NH$0.80
B146-49 NH$1.00
B150-52 NH$1.75
B153-58 NH$1.65
B159-62 NH$1.25
B163-65 NH$0.80
B166-68 NH$0.80
B169-72 NH$0.80
B172a NH, Bklt$0.70
B173-76 NH$1.50
B177-79 NH$0.95
B180-83 NH$1.50
B184-86 NH$1.65
B187-90 NH$1.50
B190a NH$1.50
B191-93 NH$1.50
B194 NH$0.75
B194a-c NH, Singles$0.65
B195 NH$0.30
B195 NH, Single$0.30
B196-98 NH$0.85
B199 NH$1.00
B200-01 NH$0.50
B202-05 NH$1.00
C12-17 NH$250.00
C12-17 H$65.00
C13-15 H$18.00
C17 H$20.00
C18-30 H$8.50
C18-23 H$1.00
C18 H$0.25
C29 H, w/Muestra Ovpt.$1.25
C31-42 H$12.00
C31-41 H$7.50
C31-40 NH$6.00
C31-40 H$5.00
C31-34 H$0.65
C31-33 H$0.40
C31-32 H$0.25
C31-32 U$0.30
C31 H$0.25
C34-35 H$0.30
C41 H, w/Muestra Ovpt.$1.00
C43-49 H$10.00
C43-47 H$2.00
C43-47 U$2.25
C43-45 H$0.35
C43-44 H/NG$0.25
C45-47 H$3.00
C46 H$1.50
C46 H, Orange Error$2.00
C47 H$1.50
C49 H$6.50
C50-57, C55a H$60.00
C50-57 H$11.00
C50-57 H, Reprints $2.00
C50-57 U, Reprints$2.00
C50-56 H$8.25
C50-56 H, Reprints$1.75
C50-55 H$7.00
C50-54 H$4.00
C50-53 H$2.75
C50-51 H$1.10
C50, C52 NH, Imp. Prs.$12.00
C50 NH, Imp.$3.00
C50 H, Imp.$2.75
C50 H$0.50
C51 H$0.50
C51 H, Imp$2.75
C52-55 NH$22.50
C52 H$0.55
C52 H, Imp.$3.00
C53 H$1.15
C54 H, Reprint$0.25
C55 NH$10.00
C55 H$2.50
C55 H, Reprint$0.25
C55a H$40.00
C55a H, MD$16.50
C55a U$42.50
C56 H$2.00
C56 NH, (Portrait omitted)$40.00
C56 H, (Portrait omitted)$35.00
C57 NH$18.00
C57 H$4.25
C57 H, Reprint$0.75
C62-67 H$5.50
C62-66 H$1.00
C62-66 U$1.00
C62-65 H$0.65
C62-63 H$0.30
C65-66 H$0.75
C65 NH$0.50
C65 H$0.30
C66 NH$0.65
C66 H$0.40
C72B H$0.45
C72B U$0.25
C73-80 U$1.00
C73-77 H$0.75
C73-76 H$0.60
C73-75 H$0.35
C92-96 U, (Less C93)$40.00
C97 H$165.00
C98-99 H$2.25
C98 U, Imp$65.00
C107 U$1.25
C108 NH$6.00
C108 H$3.00
C108 U$1.75
C112-16 U$1.00
C112-15 U$0.60
C112 U$0.25
C113-15 U$0.50
C113-14 H$1.75
C113 H$0.85
C113 U$0.25
C114-15 U$0.35
C114 H$1.00
C115 H$3.00
C116 U$0.30
C116 U, pair/perf error$1.50
C119 U$3.50
C120 H$3.50
C120 U$3.00
C123-24 H$90.00
C124 U$25.00
C125 U$1.00
C126 U$0.30
C131 H$3.00
C131 U$1.50
C132-36 H$12.00
C132-36 H, (C133 is U)$11.50
C132-34 U$3.25
C132-33 H$4.50
C132 U$0.30
C133-36 H$8.00
C134 U$2.75
C135-36 H$4.50
C137-38 U$9.50
C137 NH$2.50
C137 H$2.00
C137 U$0.30
C138 NH$40.00
C138 U$9.00
C139 U$0.25
C143 H$6.00
C143 U$6.00
C144 H$200.00
C144 U$15.00
C145-46 U$20.00
C145 H$30.00
C145 U$16.00
C146 U$0.40
C147-57 H$2.50
C147-57 U$1.75
C149-50 U$0.30
C153-57 H$1.75
C153-57 U$0.80
C154-55 U$0.35
C158 H$8.50
C158 U$0.60
C159-62 NH$0.90
C159-62 H$0.65
C159 NH$0.25
C163-66 NH$13.50
C163-66 H$11.00
C167-70 NH$2.00
C167-70 U$2.00
C168 H$0.25
C170 U$0.35
C171-74 NH$2.00
C171-74 H$1.65
C171-74 U$0.75
C174 H$0.85
C174 U$0.35
C175-76 NH$2.00
C175-76 H$2.00
C175-76 U$0.60
C176 NH$1.25
C176 U$0.35
C177-78 NH$2.50
C177-78 H$2.00
C177-78 U$0.50
C178 NH$2.00
C178 U$0.35
C179-80 NH$0.35
C181-82 NH$0.35
C181-82 U$0.35
C183-84 NH$0.35
CB6 NH$450.00
CB18 NH$400.00
CB18 H$165.00
CO1-6 H$3.00
CO1-5 H$0.75
CO1-4 NH$1.00
CO1-4 H$0.50
CO1 H$0.25
CO3-4 H$0.30
CO3 H$0.25
CO4 H$0.25
E1 U, Orange Color?$0.30
E1a H$25.00
E1a U$0.25
E3 H$12.50
E3 U$2.65
E7 H$0.25
E8 H$1.25
E9 H$0.30
E12 U$0.80
E14 NH$0.30
E14 U$0.25
E20 U$0.25
E21-22 U$0.30
E23 U$0.25
E26-27 NH$0.35
E26-27 U$0.35
E26 U$0.25
E28 NH$1.75
ER1 H$4.50
MR1-2 U$1.75
MR1 U$0.60
MR1 H, Imp Single$4.00
MR2 NG, MD$2.50
MR3-4 U$2.25
MR3 U$0.40
MR4 H$7.00
MR5-6 NG, MD$3.00
MR5 U$0.65
MR6 H$4.50
MR6 NG$3.00
MR6 U$0.65
MR10 U$0.65
MR11 U$70.00
MR18 H, MD$35.00
MR23 H$1.25
MR23 U$1.25
MR27 U$0.40
O1-4 H$40.00
O1-3 H$7.50
O4 H$30.00
O4 U$35.00
O5 U$1.00
O5a H$1.00
O5a U$1.25
O6 U, Pair$2.25
O6 U$1.25
O6a H$2.00
O7 H$2.00
O7 NG$1.00
O7 U$1.25
O8 H$8.75
O8 H/NH, Blk/10$75.00
O9 H$6.50
O10 U$1.25
O12-19 NH$6.00
O12-19 H$4.50
O12-18 H$4.00
O12-15 H$2.75
O12-14 H$2.00
O12-13 H$1.50
O12 NH$0.85
O13-14 U$1.25
O13 NH$0.85
O13 H$0.65
O13 U$0.50
O14 H$0.65
O14 U$0.60
O15-17 H$2.25
O15 H$0.65
O16-19 H$2.65
O16 H$0.65
O17-18 H$1.35
O17 H, Inverted Center$7.00
O18 U$0.60
O19 H$0.65
O20-29 H$25.00
O20-29 H, (Less O28)$17.50
O29 H$15.00
RA18 U$0.25
RA19 U$0.25
RA21-22 H$0.30
RA21-22 U$0.35
RA21 H$0.25
RA21 U$0.25
RA22 H$0.25
RA22 U$0.25
RA23-24 H$0.30
RA23 H$0.25
RA24 U$0.25
RA27 U$0.25
RA28-29 H$0.35
RA28 H$0.25
RA29 U$0.25
RA30-31, RAB3, RAC11 H$1.25
RA30-31 U$0.30
RA31 U$0.25
RA32-33 H$0.35
RA32-33 U$0.30
RA32 U$0.25
RA33 U$0.25
RA34-35 NH$1.50
RA34-35 H$0.65
RA34-35 U$0.30
RA34 U$0.25
RA35 NH$0.65
RA35 H$0.50
RA35 U$0.25
RAC7-8 H$0.30
RAC10 H$0.25
RAC11 U$0.25
RAC12 U$0.25
RAC13 H$2.00
Edifil #172 H$50.00
SPAIN - 1938 Beneficencia Edifil #26 NH$2.25
SPAIN - 1940 Beneficencia Edifil #44 NH$18.00
SPAIN - 1940 Beneficencia Edifil #51 NH$0.40
Spain-Valencia Edifil #1 H$2.00
Edifil #3-5 U$0.30
Edifil #3 NH$0.85
Edifil #4 H$0.30
Edifil #4 U$0.25
Edifil #6-7 U$0.25

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