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Panama : C1-CB6
Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Catalog #PriceAdd
C1 H$0.60
C1 U$0.50
C2-4 H$1.25
C2-4 U$1.25
C5 NH$0.50
C5 H$0.25
C6 H$10.00
C6A-9 H$1.25
C6A-9 U$1.25
C6A-8 H$0.90
C10-14 H$8.00
C15 U$0.65
C16-16A U$2.00
C16 H$3.75
C16 U$0.45
C16a H$125.00
C17 U$0.35
C18-18A U$3.50
C18A U$3.25
C19-20 H, (C19 Signed)$255.00
C19 H$250.00
C21-26 H$16.50
C27-32 H$30.00
C27-31 U$12.00
C29 U$0.65
C30 H$3.00
C32 U$8.50
C33-39 H$4.65
C40-42 NH$15.00
C40-42 H$11.00
C40-42 U$1.50
C41 H$4.50
C43-47 NH$11.00
C43-47 H$8.00
C43-47 U$1.50
C43-46 NH$7.00
C43-45 H$4.75
C43-44 H$2.75
C43 NH$1.75
C43 H$1.25
C44 H$1.25
C45 H$2.00
C46 NH$2.00
C46 H$1.50
C47 H$3.00
C47a NH, SS$12.50
C47a H, SS$9.00
C47a U, SS$12.00
C49-53 NH$12.50
C49-53 H$9.00
C52-53 H$9.00
C53A-B H$0.50
C54-61 NH$14.00
C54-61 H$10.00
C59 U$0.95
C60-61 NH$8.50
C62 NH$0.40
C62 H$0.25
C62 U$0.25
C63-66 NH$1.50
C63-66 U$0.65
C64-66 H$0.75
C66 U$0.25
C67-71 NH$25.00
C67-71 H$16.50
C72 H$2.50
C72 U$1.65
C73 NH$0.70
C73 H$0.40
C73 U$0.25
C74-79 H$3.50
C74-79 U$1.50
C75-79 U$1.25
C76 NH$0.30
C79 H$1.75
C80-81 NH$15.00
C80-81 H$9.00
C81 H$5.50
C81 U$4.50
C82-86 H$1.00
C82-86 H, (C84 is U)$1.00
C82-86 U$0.90
C82 U$0.25
C86 U, Inverted O/P$20.00
C87 NH$0.40
C87 H$0.25
C87 U$0.25
C88-95 H$11.00
C88-95 U$7.00
C90-91 U$0.35
C94 H$3.00
C95 U$4.00
C96-99 H$6.00
C96-98 U$0.50
C100-04 NH$2.50
C100-04 H$2.00
C100-04 U$1.75
C101, C104 H$1.25
C102-04 H$1.75
C105-06 H$0.90
C105-06 U$0.35
C107 U$0.25
C109-11 H$2.00
C112-13 U$0.35
C114-18 NH$5.00
C114-18 H$4.25
C114-18 U$2.50
C115a H$7.50
C119 NH$0.35
C119 H$0.25
C119 U$0.25
C120 NH$1.25
C120 H$0.90
C120 U$0.45
C121-25 H$3.00
C121-25 U$2.00
C123 NH$0.45
C123 NH, (w/C137 additional 5 cent overprint)$20.00
C126 H$2.25
C126 U$0.65
C127-28A NH$20.00
C127-28 U$0.35
C129 U$0.25
C131-36 NH$9.50
C131-36 H$8.00
C131-36 H, (C133 is U)$8.00
C131-36 U$3.00
C137 H$0.30
C137 U$0.25
C138-39 H$0.45
C138-39 U$0.35
C140-45 NH$9.00
C140-45 H$8.50
C140-45 U$2.50
C140-44 U$1.50
C140-43 H$3.00
C141-42 U$0.35
C142-43 U$0.60
C143 U$0.40
C146-47 U$0.35
C148-49 U$1.65
C150-52a NH$9.50
C150-52 NH$4.50
C150-52 H$4.00
C152a NH$4.75
C152a H$4.00
C152a U$2.50
C153 H$0.25
C153 U$0.25
C154 NH$0.30
C154 H$0.25
C154 U$0.30
C155-56 H$3.50
C155-56 U$1.75
C157-80 NH$12.50
C157-80 H$9.00
C157-80 U$5.50
C157-77 NH$6.75
C157-75 NH$6.00
C178-80 H$5.00
C179 U$0.65
C181-82 NH$1.50
C181-82 H$1.00
C181-82 U$0.80
C182a NH, SS$1.75
C182a H, SS$1.25
C182a U, SS$1.50
C183-84 NH$0.50
C183-84 H$0.35
C183-84 U$0.35
C185-87 NH$2.50
C187 H$1.75
C188 H$0.25
C188 U$0.25
C189-97 NH$3.00
C189-97 H$2.50
C192 NH$0.30
C192 NH, Blk/9 w/Perf Errors$5.00
C197 H$1.50
C198 NH$0.30
C198 H$0.25
C198 U$0.25
C199-202 NH$3.00
C199-202 H$2.50
C199-202 NH, Imp$2.50
C199 NG, Imp Pair$5.00
C199 U$0.25
C202a NH, SS$3.75
C202a H, SS$3.00
C203-06 NH$2.50
C206 H$1.50
C207-09 NH$1.75
C209a NH, SS$3.75
C209a H, SS$3.25
C210-12 NH$1.50
C210-12 H$1.00
C210-12 U$0.80
C212a NH, SS$1.50
C212a H, SS$1.00
C213-17 NH$2.50
C213-17 H$2.00
C213-16 U$0.80
C213-15 U$0.50
C216-17 NH$1.75
C218-21 NH$2.25
C218-21 U$1.65
C222-23 NH$0.40
C222-23 H$0.25
C222-23 U$0.35
C224-26 NH$2.75
C224-26 H$2.25
C224-26 U$1.00
C227-29 NH$3.00
C227-29 H$2.50
C227-29 U$1.25
C228 U$0.30
C229 NH$1.50
C230-33 NH$2.00
C230-33 H$1.50
C230-33 U$0.75
C233 H$0.60
C233 U$0.30
C234-37 NH$3.00
C234-37 H$2.50
C234-37 U$1.25
C234-37 NH, Imp$6.00
C234-35 U$0.30
C237a NH, SS$3.25
C237a NH, (Unsevered Pair)$20.00
C237a H, SS$2.75
C238-39 NH$0.35
C238-39 H$0.30
C238-39 U$0.35
C238 U$0.25
C240-42 NH$0.75
C240-42 H$0.60
C240-42 H, (C241 is U)$0.55
C240-42 U$0.50
C243 NH$1.65
C243 H$1.25
C244 NH$1.75
C244 H$1.50
C245-47 NH$0.70
C245-47 H$0.50
C245-47 U$0.50
C247 H$0.30
C248-50 H$2.75
C248, C250 H$1.25
C251-52 H$2.00
C251 NH$2.00
C251 H$1.65
C251 U$1.00
C251 NH, Imp$5.00
C252 NH$0.30
C252 NH, Sht/10$1.50
C252 U$0.25
C253-54 U$1.00
C255 NH$0.30
C255 H$0.25
C256-60, C262-64 U$1.75
C256-65 H$4.00
C257 NH, Imp$2.00
C260 NH, Imp$3.00
C263 NH, Imp$5.00
C264a NH, SS$4.00
C264a NH, MD$1.75
C264a H, MD$1.50
C265 H$1.50
C266-70 NH$2.50
C266-70 H$2.00
C267 NH$0.45
C271-72 NH$2.50
C271-72 H$2.00
C271 U$0.50
C273 NH$0.30
C273 H$0.25
C273 U$0.25
C273 NH, Imp$5.00
C274-77 NH$3.00
C274-77 H$2.50
C274-77 U$1.50
C277a NH$3.25
C277a H$2.95
C277a U$3.00
C278 NH$0.30
C278 H$0.25
C278 U$0.25
C279-81 NH$1.25
C279-81 H$0.90
C282-83 NH$0.65
C282-83 H$0.50
C282-83 U$0.35
C283 H, Imp$0.55
C284-86 NH$1.65
C284-86 U$0.40
C287 NH$0.30
C287 U$0.25
C288-89 NH$0.65
C288-89 U$0.35
C288 H$0.25
C289 H$0.40
C290 NH$0.30
C291 NH$0.30
C291 U$0.25
C291 NH, Inv, Surcharge$5.00
C292-94 NH$1.75
C292-94 U$1.00
C295 NH$0.30
C295 H$0.25
C295 U$0.25
C296-97 NH$2.00
C296-97 U$1.75
C296 NH$0.70
C296 U$0.45
C297 H$1.25
C298-99 NH$0.35
C298-99 U$0.35
C300-21 NH$35.00
C300-21 H$30.00
C310, C314 U$1.25
C320-21 H$13.50
C320 U$3.00
C322-25 H$4.50
C326 NH, Imp$4.00
C329 NH$4.75
C329C, C329H U$10.00
C329H NH, Note: 6 Stamps Ovpt. in Yellow Gold. Only 100 Sets exist!$300.00
C329Hi NH, SS$50.00
C329Hi, U, SS$50.00
C329G U$2.00
C330 NH$0.30
C330 H$0.25
C330 U$0.25
C330a NH$0.40
C330a U$0.35
C335 H$1.50
C337-38 NH$2.75
C337-38 H$2.25
C337-38 U$0.30
C338 H$1.50
C338a NH, SS$16.00
C338a NH, SS, Imp$16.00
C338a H, SS$12.00
C339-42 NH$2.25
C339-42 H$1.75
C339-42 U$0.65
C339-41 U$0.40
C340-42 NH, SS$5.00
C340-42 U, SS$3.50
C343-48 NH$4.50
C343-48 H$4.00
C343-48 U$1.25
C343, C347 NH, SS$5.00
C344, C348 NH, SS$5.00
C349-50 H$0.40
C349 NH$0.30
C350 NH$0.30
C351 H$3.00
C351 H, Imp$3.00
C353-56 U$1.00
C357-60 H$1.65
C357-60 U$0.75
C361-61A NH$4.25
C361-61A H$3.50
C361Ab NH$5.50
C365 H, Sheet/6$11.00
C365 U, Sheet/6$12.00
C380 NH$0.35
C384 U$16.00
C388 H$0.30
C390-92 H$1.00
C392a NH$2.00
C395a NH$2.50
C396-401 H$4.00
C397-401 U$1.50
C431 NH$0.40
C432 U$0.25
C435 NH$2.00
C436-37 NH$0.80
C440 NH, Note 1b SS$9.50
C441 U$0.25
C452-54 NH$10.00
C455 NH$12.00
C456 NH$2.50
C457-58 NH$3.00
C459 NH$3.75
C460 NH$5.00
C461-64 NH$5.25
C465 NH$5.75
C466-67 NH$2.50
C468-69 NH$2.75
C470 NH$4.65
C471 NH$1.00
C474-75 NH$0.70
CB1-3 NH$1.00
CB1-3 U$1.00
CB4-6 NH$3.50

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