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Guatemala : B1-End
Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Catalog #PriceAdd
B8 NH$0.40
C1 NH$0.80
C2 U$0.30
C8 U$0.30
C15-16 U$0.80
C15 U$0.25
C16 H$2.00
C59 NH$0.35
C92 NH, SS$5.50
C92 H, SS$5.00
C92a-d NH$3.65
C99 H, SS$5.00
C99a-99f NH$5.50
C99a-99f U$5.50
C99a-99e H$3.00
C99c-99f U$4.00
C99d-99f U$3.50
C123-24 H$0.60
C123 H$0.35
C124 NH$0.40
C124 H$0.30
C126 H$0.35
C126a H$15.00
C126a U$11.00
C128-31 NH$1.65
C132 NH$4.50
C135 NH$0.35
C136 H$3.00
C137 NH$0.40
C139 NH$0.45
C140-42 H$1.00
C140-41 H$0.70
C140-41 U$0.35
C142 H$0.30
C143-46 NH$0.95
C147-50 NH$1.50
C147-49 NH$1.00
C150 H$0.30
C151-56 H$5.50
C151-53 U$0.50
C151 NH$0.30
C152 NH$0.30
C153 NH$0.30
C154 NH$1.25
C155 NH$1.75
C157 NH$0.40
C163-65 NH$4.00
C163-65 H$3.25
C165 NH$2.75
C166-70 H$2.50
C171-76 NH$7.50
C171-76 H$6.50
C171-76 U$6.50
C171-74 U$0.80
C171-73 U$0.50
C173-74 H$1.25
C182-84 NH$1.50
C182-84 U$0.85
C182 U$0.30
C183 U$0.30
C185-87 NH$0.65
C185-87 H$0.50
C185-87 U$0.50
C204-06 NH$1.25
C204-06 U$1.00
C207-09 NH$1.50
C207-09 H$1.25
C207-08 H$0.35
C211-13 U$0.50
C219-22 H$1.25
C223-27 H$1.00
C230 NH$1.00
C231 NH$0.75
C232 H$0.45
C233 NH$0.50
C234 NH$0.50
C235-42 NH$15.00
C235-42 H$12.50
C239-42 NH$14.00
C239-42 H$10.00
C239 H$3.00
C240 NH$1.75
C242 NH$3.25
C243 NH$1.00
C244-47 NH$1.65
C244-47 H$1.25
C244-47 U$1.50
C244-46 NH$0.65
C244-46 U$0.50
C251-54 NH$1.75
C251, C253, C260 H$1.25
C253-54 NH$0.85
C258 NH$0.75
C258 H$0.60
C259-64 NH$4.00
C259 NH$0.65
C263-64 U$0.65
C264 U$0.50
C266 NH$4.25
C266 H$3.75
C267-68 NH$0.80
C269-70 U$0.30
C270 NH$0.30
C270 U$0.25
C271-72 NH$0.75
C273 NH$1.00
C274-78 NH$2.00
C279-80 NH$0.75
C279-80 U$0.35
C281 NH$0.40
C282-86 NH$4.00
C282 NH$0.45
C283-86 NH$3.50
C283-86 H$3.00
C291-94 NH$2.25
C291-94 H$2.00
C291 NH$0.55
C293 NH$0.55
C294 NH$0.55
C295-98 NH$5.00
C295-98 H$4.50
C299-303 NH$9.00
C299-301 NH$2.25
C300-02 NH$2.25
C302 NH$0.80
C310 H$5.75
C311-15 NH$1.00
C316-18 NH$1.00
C328-32 NH$3.75
C333 NH$0.35
C340-44 NH$2.50
C348 NH$0.40
C352-55 NH$5.50
C352-53 NH$2.00
C353 NH$1.00
C356-58 NH$1.65
C356 H$0.25
C358 H$0.65
C360-61 H$1.65
C360 NH$1.25
C360 H$1.00
C361 NH$0.80
C362-63 NH$1.00
C364-70 NH$2.75
C364-70 H$2.25
C371 NH$0.30
C372 NH$0.40
C386-89 NH$1.65
C390-400 NH$8.75
C403 NH$0.40
C408 NH$0.45
C409 NH$3.00
C411-13 NH$1.75
C411-13 H$1.25
C414 H$3.00
C415 H$0.50
C416 NH$0.50
C417 NH$0.50
C422-24 NH$1.00
C428 NH$0.65
C431-35 NH$4.50
C448a H$10.00
C452 NH$0.50
Note: WG= White Gum C458a H, WG$6.00
C507 NH$0.30
C585A NH, SS (.50)$10.00
C587A NH, SS (1.00)$10.00
C588a-88c NH, 3 SSís$30.00
C588a-88c H, 3 SSís$25.00
C588A NH$12.00
C588A H, SS (2.00)$9.00
C627 H, WG$0.50
C636a H, WG$2.25
C675-77 U$1.25
C677-78 H$11.00
C680 H$9.50
C765-67 H$4.50
C775Fh H$1.50
C776-77 H$0.60
C789 NH, (.25c - Type AP154)$55.00
C789 H, Note: Q. O.25$60.00
C789 NH, (.30c - Type AP155)$75.00
C789 H, Note: Q. O.30$75.00
C796 NH$0.90
C802 H$1.00
C805-06 H$2.00
C815-16 H$5.00
C815 H$3.50
C817 NH$6.75
C817 H$6.00
C828-30 H$2.50
C831 H, WG$6.00
C832 H, WG$0.60
C833 NH, WG$3.50
C833 H, WG$3.00
C849-57 H$8.50
C858-62 H, WG$4.50
CO1-O3 U$3.00
CO1 NH$0.80
CO7b-O7c H$0.75
CO7b U$0.40
E2 H$2.00
E2 U$0.55
O1-O5 H$30.00
O1-O3 H$17.00
O1 H$5.50
O2-5 H$25.50
O2 H$5.50
O3-5 H$20.00
O3 H$5.50
O5 H$7.50
O6-7 NH$0.45
O6-7 H$0.35
O7-8 U$0.40
RA1 H$0.25
RA1 U$0.25
RA2 U$0.25
RA4 NH$0.50
RA6 NH$0.40
RA7 NH$0.30
RA8-9 U$0.40
RA10-12 U$0.50
RA10 U$0.25
RA11-12 U$0.30
RA12 U$0.25
RA13-14 U$0.30
RA15-18 U$0.65
RA15 NH$0.35
RA15 H$0.30
RA17 U$0.25
RA18 U$0.25
RA19 U$5.25
RA20 U$0.25
RA21 U$0.25
RA23 U$0.25

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