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Colombia : C1-C499
Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Catalog #PriceAdd
C1 H$1750.00
C1 U$850.00
C11 H$40.00
C13 U$35.00
C14 U$10.00
C15 U$30.00
C19 U, on piece$750.00
C21 U$400.00
C24 U$850.00
C25-34 H$190.00
C25-33 NH$125.00
C25-30 U$8.00
C31 U$21.00
C32 H$14.50
C34 H$80.00
C39-42 U$0.65
C47 U$2.00
C48 U$4.00
C51-52 U$60.00
C52 U$25.00
C55-66 U$20.00
C55-62 U$1.50
C58-59 U$0.35
C68-76 H$13.00
C80-82 H$25.00
C80-81 H$13.00
C82 H$10.00
C84 H$1.50
C85 H$2.25
C86 H$1.25
C87 U$0.40
C88 U$0.80
C89 H$3.00
C90 U$2.50
C92 U$8.00
C93 U$25.00
C96-110 U$25.00
C96-108 U$6.50
C96-102 H$8.50
C96-100 U$0.75
C96-99 H$4.00
C96-97 U$0.30
C96 H$0.55
C96 U$0.25
C97 H$0.65
C97 U$0.25
C98 H$0.30
C98 U$0.25
C99-110 U$24.00
C99-108 U$6.00
C99-102 U$0.75
C99 U$0.25
C100 U$0.25
C101-09 H$45.00
C102-10 U$24.00
C102 U$0.25
C103 H$0.65
C103 U$0.25
C104 U$1.00
C106 H$6.00
C107 H$6.00
C107 U$0.85
C108 U$1.75
C109-110 U$18.00
C109 U$4.75
C110 U$13.50
C111-14 H$15.00
C114 H$4.50
C115-18 U$1.25
C117 H$0.90
C117 U$0.35
C119-20 U$0.80
C119 U$0.35
C121-33 H$45.00
C121-33 U$20.00
C121-31 U$3.00
C121-27 U$1.00
C121-26 U$0.75
C121-25 U$0.65
C121-24 H$0.65
C122-25 U$0.50
C123 NH$0.30
C125 NH$0.30
C126 H$0.85
C127-31 U$2.25
C128 H$0.85
C129-33 U$20.00
C130 U$0.35
C131-33 U$18.50
C131 U$1.50
C132-33 U$17.00
C133 U$13.00
C134-44 H$12.00
C134-44 U$4.00
C134-41 U$1.65
C134-40 U$0.85
C136a H$5.00
C143-44 U$2.25
C143 U$0.60
C144 U$1.75
C145 U$0.25
C146-47 NH$0.65
C148-49 H$0.70
C148 NH$0.30
C148 U$0.25
C150 NH, SS$1.50
C150 H, SS$1.00
C151-63 H$16.50
C151-63 U$9.00
C151-62 U$4.25
C151-61 U$2.00
C151-60 U$1.50
C151-59 NH$2.75
C151-58 U$1.25
C151-55 U$0.65
C151-53 U$0.50
C152-55 H$0.60
C160-63 U$8.00
C160 H$0.90
C160 U$0.25
C163 U$4.50
C164-65 H$0.30
C164-65 U$0.30
C166-74 H$45.00
C167-68 U$0.45
C175-85 H$35.00
C175-85 U$50.00
C175-82 U$4.50
C175-79 NH$0.95
C175-79 U$0.80
C180 H$1.50
C181 U$0.30
C182-85 U, High Values$50.00
C182 NH$3.00
C182 H$2.50
C182 U$1.75
C182a NH, w/Inverted Ovpt.$10.00
C183 NH$5.00
C184 NH$7.00
C185 H$20.00
C186-98 H$30.00
C186-98 U$35.00
C186-97 U$11.50
C186-96 U$3.50
C186-95 H$3.75
C186-95 U$2.00
C186-92 U$1.25
C186-90 U$0.65
C186-89 U$0.50
C190 NH, Inverted O/P$15.00
C194-98 U$32.00
C195 U$0.45
C196 U$1.50
C197 U$8.00
C198 NH$22.50
C199 NH, SS$2.50
C199 H, SS$2.00
C200-07 H$50.00
C200-03 H$4.00
C204-07 U, High Values$50.00
C204 U$4.00
C205 H$4.50
C206 U$13.00
C207 H$28.50
C207 U$35.00
C208-16 NH$50.00
C208-16 H$40.00
C208-16 U$5.50
C208-12 H$13.50
C208-12 U$1.75
C208-10 H$15.00
C208-10 U$1.00
C208-09 U$0.75
C208 NH$3.75
C208 H$3.25
C208 U$0.35
C209-15 U, (Less C213)$3.50
C209 H$9.50
C210 NH$3.50
C210a H$3.25
C210a U$0.35
C211-212 NH$4.00
C211 NH$0.75
C211 U$0.25
C212, C214 U$0.75
C212 NH$3.50
C212 H$3.00
C213 NH$5.00
C214-16 NH$20.00
C214-16 H$17.50
C214-16 U$3.25
C214-15 H$8.00
C214 NH$3.25
C214 H$3.00
C215 NH$6.25
C215 H$5.25
C216 H$9.50
C216 U$1.50
C217-25 H$5.50
C217-25 U$2.25
C217-19 H$0.90
C217 H$0.30
C220 NH$0.65
C220 H$0.50
C220 U$0.30
C222-25 U$0.60
C222 NH$0.40
C222 H$0.30
C223 H$0.30
C224 NH$0.65
C225 NH$1.65
C225 H$1.25
C225 U$0.40
C226 NH$1.25
C226 H$1.00
C227-30 H$2.00
C227-30 U$0.65
C227-29 NH$1.50
C227-28 U$0.30
C231-32 U$0.35
C231 U$0.25
C232 H$0.40
C233-34 NH$0.40
C233-34 H$0.30
C233-34 U$0.30
C233 NH$0.30
C235-36 H$0.35
C235-36 U$0.35
C237 H$0.30
C237 U$0.25
C238 U$0.25
C239-53 NH$40.00
C239-53 H$35.00
C239-53 U$10.00
C239-52 U$5.00
C239-50 U$1.75
C243-51 H$12.50
C243-47 NH$1.00
C249-50 U$4.25
C249 NH$2.00
C251-53 NH$32.00
C251-53 U$8.00
C253 H$13.75
C254-55 U$0.40
C254 NH$0.75
C254 H$0.60
C254 U$0.25
C255-57 U$0.50
C255 U$0.25
C256-57 U$0.40
C258 U$0.25
C258a NH, SS$5.50
C258a NH, MD, SS$2.50
C259 U$0.25
C260 NH$0.40
C261-62 H$0.30
C261 U$0.25
C262 U$0.25
C263-66 H$2.75
C263-66 U$1.00
C263 H$0.30
C266 NH$1.65
C266a NH, SS$8.50
C266a H, SS$7.50
C266a U, SS$10.00
C267 H$1.00
C267 U$0.40
C268 U$0.25
C269-72 U$0.65
C269 NH$0.40
C269 U$0.25
C270-71 U$0.45
C271 H$0.55
C271a NH, SS$6.75
C272-74 U$0.50
C272 U$0.25
C273-74 U$0.30
C273 U$0.25
C274 H$0.30
C274 U$0.25
C275-76 U$0.35
C277-78 U$0.35
C278a NH, SS$20.00
C278a H, SS$18.00
C282 U$0.25
C283 U$0.25
C284 NH$0.40
C284 H$0.25
C284 U$0.25
C285-88 U$0.50
C285-86 U$0.30
C285 H$0.40
C285 U$0.25
C286 H$0.30
C286 U$0.25
C287-88 H$0.30
C287 U$0.25
C288 U$0.25
C289-91 U$7.25
C289-90 H$11.00
C289-90 U$7.00
C289 NH$5.25
C289 H$4.50
C289 U$2.25
C290 H$6.50
C291 U$0.25
C292-96 NH$2.00
C292-96 H$1.25
C292-96 U$1.25
C292-93 H$0.30
C292-93 U$0.40
C293-96 NH$1.75
C297-98 NH$0.40
C297-98 H$0.30
C299-303 U$0.75
C299-300 U$0.35
C299-301 H$0.50
C299-300 H$0.40
C299-300 U$0.30
C301-06 U$0.85
C301-05 U$0.75
C301 U$0.25
C302-03 U$0.30
C302 NH$0.30
C303 NH$0.30
C304-06 U$0.50
C304 NH$0.30
C304 U$0.25
C305 NH$0.30
C305 H$0.25
C305 U$0.25
C306-08 U$0.40
C306 NH$0.30
C306 H$0.25
C306 U$0.25
C307-12 U$0.65
C307-08 NH$0.45
C307-08 H$0.30
C307-08 U$0.30
C309-12 H$1.00
C309-12 U$0.40
C309-10 NH$0.85
C309-10 H$0.70
C309-10 U$0.30
C309 H$0.30
C309 U$0.25
C310 H$0.40
C312-14 U$0.40
C312 NH$0.35
C312 H$0.30
C312 U$0.25
C313-14 H$0.35
C313-14 U$0.30
C313 U$0.25
C314 U$0.25
C315-16 NH$0.75
C315-16 U$0.35
C317-18 NH$35.00
C317-18 H$30.00
C317 NH$1.25
C317 U$0.90
C319 NH$1.25
C321 NH$1.25
C321 H$1.00
C321 U$0.30
C322-46 NH$25.00
C322 U$0.25
C324-26 U$0.50
C328 U$0.25
C340-44 NH, (Less C342)$6.50
C340 H$0.25
C341 NH$0.65
C341 H$0.60
C343 H$1.25
C345-46 NH$12.50
C345-46 U$2.25
C345 NH$5.50
C346 NH$7.00
C346 H$6.00
C346 U$1.50
C347-48 NH$1.25
C347-48 H$1.00
C347-48 U$0.65
C348 U$0.50
C349-50 NH$15.00
C349-50 H$12.50
C349 NH$8.00
C349 H$7.00
C349b U$1.00
C350 NH$8.50
C350 H$7.25
C351-55 NH$15.00
C351-54 NH$3.25
C351-54 H$2.75
C351-54 U$1.75
C351-52 U$0.65
C351 H$0.30
C352-54 NH$2.75
C352 U$0.40
C354 NH$0.30
C355 NH$13.00
C355 H$10.00
C356-56B NH$2.00
C356-56B H$1.65
C356-56A H$0.75
C356-56A U$0.35
C356 NH$0.50
C356 H$0.40
C357-59 NH$5.00
C357-59 H$4.50
C360-70 H$9.50
C360-63 U$1.25
C361-65 U$1.25
C361-62 U$0.50
C371 NH$0.30
C371 H$0.25
C371 U$0.25
C372 NH$5.00
C372 H$4.50
C375-76 NH$1.25
C375-76 H$1.00
C375-76 U$0.50
C377, C379-81 U, On 1st Day Cover$1.00
C379-82 U$1.00
C379-81 U$0.65
C383-85 NH$2.75
C386 NH$5.25
C386 H$4.50
C387 NH$0.30
C387 U$0.25
C388 NH$7.00
C388 H$6.00
C389 NH$2.50
C390-93 NH$2.00
C394-95 NH$0.65
C394-95 H$0.50
C394-95 U$0.30
C394 NH$0.35
C396 NH$4.00
C396 H$3.50
C397-401 NH$2.25
C402-03 NH$0.70
C402-03 H$0.60
C402 H$0.40
C404-08 NH$1.75
C404-08 H$1.25
C404-07 U$0.50
C404-06 U$0.40
C404-05, 407 H$0.75
C404 NH$0.30
C405 NH$0.35
C405 H$0.30
C409-10 NH$17.50
C409-10 H$15.00
C409 NH$8.50
C409 H$7.00
C409d U$0.75
C410 NH$8.50
C410 H$7.00
C411-13 NH$0.50
C411-13 H$0.40
C411-13 U$0.50
C411 NH$0.30
C414-18 H$1.75
C414-18 U$0.75
C418 NH$0.30
C419 NH$5.50
C419 H$4.75
C420-25 NH$3.00
C420-25 H$2.50
C420-24 U$0.65
C426-28 NH$4.00
C426-28 H$3.50
C429-32 NH$2.50
C429-31 U$0.50
C432 U$1.65
C433-34 U$0.30
C433 NH$0.30
C434 NH$0.30
C435-38 NH$6.50
C435-37 U$0.75
C436-37 U$0.60
C439-40 NH$3.25
C439-40 H$2.75
C439 NH$0.30
C439 U$0.25
C440 NH$3.00
C440 H$2.75
C441-44 NH$5.00
C441-43 U$0.50
C441-42 NH$0.35
C441 NH$0.30
C445-47 U$0.50
C445-46 NH$0.50
C445-46 H$0.35
C445 H$0.25
C447-50 U$0.50
C447 NH$0.30
C447 U$0.25
C448-52 U$0.65
C448-50 U$0.65
C449-50 U$0.35
C451-54 U$0.50
C451-52 NH$0.35
C451-52 H$0.30
C451-52 U$0.30
C453-55 H$0.45
C453-55 U$0.40
C453 NH$0.30
C453 U$0.25
C454 U$0.25
C455 NH$0.30
C455 H$0.25
C455 U$0.25
C459-60 NH$0.50
C459-60 H$0.35
C459-60 U$0.30
C459 U$0.25
C460 NH$0.30
C461 NH$1.00
C461 H$0.85
C461 U$0.40
C462-63 H$0.30
C462-63 U$0.30
C462 NH$0.30
C463 NH$0.30
C464-67 U$0.65
C464-66 U$0.50
C465 H$1.50
C466 NH$2.50
C467 NH$0.30
C467 U$0.25
C468 NH$0.75
C468 H$0.60
C468 U$0.30
C469-70 H$0.30
C469-70 U$0.35
C469 NH$0.30
C471-79 NH$5.00
C471-77 U$0.85
C473 NH$0.30
C476-79 H$3.50
C480 NH$0.30
C480 U$0.25
C484-85 NH$0.50
C484-85 H$0.40
C484-85 U$0.30
C486-87 NH$0.65
C486-87 H$0.50
C486-87 U$0.35
C488 NH$0.35
C489-91 NH$4.75
C489-91 H$4.00
C489-91 U$1.00
C489 H$1.00
C490 NH$0.80
C490 H$0.45
C491 NH$3.50
C491 H$3.00
C491a NH, SS$12.50
C491a H, SS$10.00
C492-94 U$0.40
C492-93 H$0.30
C492-93 U$0.30
C492 NH$0.30
C493 NH$0.30
C494 NH$0.35
C495-97 NH$15.00
C495-97 H$11.00
C496a NH, SS$8.50
C496a H, SS$7.00
C498-99 NH$0.40
C498-99 U$0.30

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