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Argentina : B1-End
Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Catalog #PriceAdd
B10-11 NH/H$275.00
B10-11 H$250.00
B10 NG$3.50
B12, CB1-5 NH$15.00
B12, CB1-5 H$12.00
B13 NH$0.35
B13 H$0.25
B13 U$0.25
B14-16, CB8-12 H$3.50
B14 NH$0.35
B15 NH$0.35
B17, CB13-14 NH$1.25
B17, CB13-14 H$0.85
B17 NH$0.30
B18 NH$0.60
B19-21, CB15-16 NH$1.25
B19-21, CB15-16 H$0.95
B19-21 NH$0.50
B19-21 H$0.35
B21 U$0.25
B22-24, CB17-18 NH$1.50
B22-24, CB17-18 H$1.00
B22-24 NH$0.85
B22-24 H$0.60
B22 U$0.25
B23 U$0.25
B24 NH$0.30
B24 U$0.25
B25 NH, SS$1.25
B25 H, SS$0.85
B25a-b NH$1.00
B26-29 NH$1.50
B26-29 H$1.00
B30, CB29 NH$0.65
B30, CB29 H$0.50
B30 NH$0.45
B30 H$0.35
B31-34 NH$1.75
B31-34 H$1.25
B35-37 NH$0.90
B35-37 H$0.75
B35-37 U$0.70
B36 U$0.25
B37 NH$0.50
B37a NH, SS$1.75
B37a H, SS$1.25
B38-39 NH$0.50
B38-39 H$0.35
B38 U$0.25
B39 H$0.30
B40-41 NH$2.00
B40-41 H$1.50
B42-43, CB31 H$0.75
B42-43 NH$0.50
B42-43 H$0.35
B44, CB32 NH$1.25
B44 NH$0.45
B47, CB35 NH$1.50
B47 NH$0.65
B48-50, CB36, CB38-39$3.50
B48-50 NH$1.50
B52, CB40 NH$0.90
B52 U$0.25
B53, CB41 NH$0.85
B54, CB42 NH$0.75
B54 NH$0.35
B54 H$0.25
B54 U$0.30
B56-57 NH$0.65
B56-57 H$0.40
B56-57 U$0.35
B57 U$0.25
B58-59 NH$0.90
B58-59 U$0.60
B60-61 NH$1.00
B73 H$1.50
B75a-79a NH, Shts/4$45.00
B75a-79a H, Shts/4$35.00
B75a-77a NH. Shts/4$25.00
B79a NH, Sheet/4$12.50
B80-83 NH, Shts/4$85.00
B80-83 U, Shts/4$80.00
B105c NH$0.40
B107-10 NH$1.50
B123-26 NH, w/Tabs$2.50
B151 NH, Sheet$5.00
B153 NH, Sheet$5.00
B156-57 NH$4.25
B158-59 NH$2.50
B160-61 NH$5.25
B166-69 NH$5.00
C1-19 H$115.00
C1-19 H, (C1 has light cancel)$110.00
C1 U$0.40
C2 U$0.70
C5 U$0.65
C8 U, Perfin$0.65
C9 U$0.70
C10-19 U$35.00
C11 U$0.50
C15 H$8.00
C17-19 U$27.50
C17 U$6.00
C18 U$6.50
C19 H$27.50
C20-24 H$175.00
C22-23 H$55.00
C30-34 H$70.00
C30-33 H$65.00
C38-42 H$9.00
C43-44 U$0.35
C43 NH$0.30
C45-46 NH$0.40
C45-46 H$0.25
C45-46 U$0.35
C47-48 NH$0.85
C47-48 H$0.60
C47-48 U$0.40
C47 NH$0.35
C47 U$0.25
C48 NH$0.35
C48 H$0.30
C48 U$0.25
C49-52 H$6.00
C49 H$0.80
C50 NH$2.00
C51 U$0.25
C53-54 U$0.35
C53 U$0.25
C55-56 NH$0.80
C55-56 H$0.65
C55-56 U$0.45
C55 NH$0.30
C55 H$0.25
C55 U$0.25
C56 H$0.40
C56 U$0.30
C58 NH$0.50
C58 H$0.35
C58 U$0.25
C59-60 H$0.30
C59 NH$0.35
C59 H$0.25
C59 U$0.25
C60 NH$0.35
C60 H$0.25
C60 U$0.25
C61 U$0.25
C62 NH$0.50
C62 H$0.35
C62 U$0.25
C63-65 NH$0.65
C63-65 H$0.50
C63-65 U$0.50
C63 U$0.25
C64 U$0.25
C66 NH$0.35
C66 H$0.25
C66 U$0.25
C67 NH$0.35
C67 H$0.25
C67 U$0.25
C68-69 NH$0.40
C68-69 H$0.35
C68-69 U$0.35
C68 NH$0.30
C68 U$0.25
C69 U$0.25
C70-71 H$0.35
C70 NH$0.30
C70 H$0.25
C70 U$0.25
C71 NH$0.30
C71 U$0.25
C72-73 U$0.35
C72 NH$0.25
C72 U$0.25
C73 NH$0.30
C74 NH$0.30
C74 H$0.25
C74 U$0.25
C75-76 H$0.35
C75-76 U$0.35
C75a-76a H, SSís$2.00
C75a-76a H, Singles from SSís$1.50
C75 NH$0.30
C75 U$0.25
C76 U$0.25
C77 NH$0.30
C77 U$0.25
C78-79 NH$0.85
C78-79 H$0.65
C80 NH$0.30
C80 H$0.25
C80 U$0.25
C81 NH$0.50
C82-83 NH$0.95
C83 U$0.25
C84 NH$0.30
C84 U$0.25
C85-86 NH$0.50
C86 U$0.25
C88 U$0.25
C88A U$0.65
C89-91 U$0.75
C89-90 U$0.40
C89 U$0.25
C90 NH$0.90
C90 U$0.25
C91 H$1.00
C91 U$0.30
C93 NH$0.50
C94 NH$0.65
C95 NH$0.35
C95 U$0.25
C96 NH$0.30
C96 U$0.25
C97 NH$0.30
C97 H$0.25
C97 U$0.25
C98 U$0.25
C101-04 NH$5.50
C101-04 H$4.50
C101-04 U$2.00
C101-03 NH$3.75
C102 U$0.35
C105 NH$0.80
C105 H$0.65
C105 U$0.50
C106 NH$0.30
C106 U$0.25
C107 NH$0.30
C108-11 NH$7.50
C108-11 H$6.00
C108-11 U$1.00
C108 NH$0.45
C112 NH$0.45
C112 U$0.30
C113-14 NH$1.50
C113-14 U$0.50
C113 U$0.25
C115 U$0.25
C116 NH$1.50
C123 U$0.30
C126 U$0.30
C128 NH$1.00
C128 U$0.25
C129 NH$0.60
C130 NH$0.75
C130 H$0.60
C131 NH$0.75
C131 H$0.60
C132 U$0.25
C133 U$0.25
C135-38 NH$6.75
C135 NH$2.50
C135 U$0.25
C137 H$1.65
C137 U$0.35
CB2a H, SS$3.00
CB2a U, SS$2.00
CB6 NH$16.00
CB6 H$12.00
CB7 NH$0.30
CB8-12 NH$3.50
CB13-14 NH$0.90
CB13 NH$0.30
CB14 NH$0.65
CB14 H$0.50
CB15-16 NH$0.75
CB15-16 H$0.60
CB15 NH$0.30
CB15 U$0.25
CB16 U$0.35
CB17-18 NH$0.65
CB17-18 H$0.50
CB19-22 NH$1.65
CB19-22 H$1.25
CB23-24 NH$0.85
CB23-24 H$0.60
CB25-28 NH$1.50
CB25-28 H$1.00
CB29 NH$0.30
CB29 H$0.25
CB30 NH$0.50
CB32 NH$0.80
CB33 NH$0.65
CB33 H$0.50
CB34 NH$0.50
CB34 H$0.35
CB35 NH$0.80
CB36 NH$0.80
CB37 H$1.00
CB41 H$0.45
CB42 NH$0.40
CB42 H$0.25
CB42 U$0.30
O31 NH$0.30
O31 H$0.25
O34 U$0.25
O40 H$0.25
O41 NH$0.30
O41 U$0.25
O42 H$0.25
O45 H$0.25
O47 H$0.30
O49 U$0.25
O50 U$0.25
O51 H$0.30
O58 U$0.25
O102 H$0.25
O108 H$0.25
O109-11 NH$0.80
O109-11 U$0.50
O117 H$0.30
O157 H$3.00
OD22 H$0.30
OD23 NH$0.30
OD28B-33B H/U$1.25
OD28B-33B U$1.00
OD48-51 U$1.00
OD58a H$1.00
OD61a U$3.50
OD81-85 U$0.80
OD84B U$0.25
OD98 U$0.25
OD103 NH$0.30
OD106 NH$0.30
OD112 H$0.30
OD132B U$0.25
OD135-36 U$0.35
OD135 U$0.25
OD138-39 U$0.35
OD172 H$0.60
OD174 H$6.00
OD179D U$0.25
OD208a U$0.25
OD218 H$0.30
OD219 H$0.30
OD220B H$0.30
OD221 H$0.30
OD222, 224 U$0.35
OD222 H$0.65
OD222B U$0.25
OD224 H$0.30
OD225 H$0.25
OD225B H$0.35
OD229-32 H$1.25
OD230, OD231, OD232-33 U$0.65
OD232 U$0.25
OD234D U$0.25
OD274A U$0.25
OD293a U$0.25
OD294a U$0.35
OD305 U$0.25
OD306-07 U$0.35
OD310 U$0.25
OD337-40 H/U$0.75
OD342 H$0.35
OD344B H$0.35
See Note After Q3; NH Stamps Lacking U.P.$125.00

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