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Yugoslavia and Areas : Bosnia and Herzegovina
Updated: Apr 2, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
1L1-16 NH$23.50
1L1-16 NH/H, (Less 1L14)$9.00
1L1-16 H, (Less 1L7)$10.50
1L2 H, w/Double Ovpt.$4.00
1L2 NH, Inv. Ovpt. Pair$15.00
1L2 H, Inv. Ovpt. Pair$10.00
1L2 U, w/Inv Ovpt. on Piece$4.00
1L2 U, w/Shifted Ovpt.$2.00
1L3 NH, Double Ovpt.$3.00
1L3 H, w/Double. Ovpt.$4.00
1L5 H, w/Major Ovpt. Shift$2.00
1L6 U, w/“981” instead of 1918 Ovpt.$4.00
1L7 H, Blk/4 -w/Major Shift$10.00
1L9 H, w/Dbl Ovpt.$6.00
1L11-16 H$8.00
1L11 H, w/Dbl Ovpt.$4.00
1L11 U, on Piece w/Shifted Ovpt.$2.00
1L13 NH, Blk/4 – 1 missing “.” in “S H.S.”$20.00
1L15 NH, Blk/4 – 1 missing “.” in “S.H S.”$40.00
1L20 NH$0.60
1L21-22 H$0.50
1L21 H$0.30
1L21a-22a NH$20.00
1L21a NH, Blk/4$40.00
1L22 NH$0.60
1L22 H$0.30
1L22a NH, Blk/4$50.00
1L22 NH, Half Sheet/50$35.00
1L22 NH, Shifted Ovpt. Half Sht/50$50.00
1L22a H$8.50
1L25-42 H$70.00
1L25 H, Pair w/double slanted ovpt.$10.00
1L26 H, w/double ovpt.$4.00
1L27 H, Strip/10 w/misaligned ovpt.$4.00
1L27 NH$0.60
1L33-36 H$65.00
1L33 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.!$350.00
1L34-40 H$3.00
1L34 H, w/double ovpt., & over-inked$8.00
1L34 H, very over-inked$5.00
1L36a H, Invert. Ovpt.$100.00
1L36a H, w/misaligned ovpt.$50.00
1L36a NH, Blk/4- w/misaligned ovpt.$250.00
1L36a H$21.00
1L37a NH, Blk/10$28.50
1L38+38b NH, Blk/50; 6 Column, 4 Rows Perf 91/2, Rest Perf 121/2. w/CERT!$299.00
1L38b H, Blk/50; Perf. 91/2.$100.00
1L38b H$2.75
1L38b U$3.25
1L39 H, w/misaligned Ovpt.$2.50
1L43-45 NH$225.00
1L43-45 H, w/Cert!$175.00
1L43-45 H$150.00
1L43 NH$200.00
1L43 H$115.00
1L44 NH$50.00
1L45 H$6.00
1L45 NH, Sheet/100!$500.00
1LB1 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.$8.00
1LB1 H, w/Dbl Ovpt.$8.00
1LB1 H$0.50
1LB1 U, on Piece$0.75
1LB1a-2a H$60.00
1LB1a NH, Pair$40.00
1LB1a H$30.00
1LB2 H, w/Dbl. Ovpt.$8.00
1LB2 NH, w/Inv. Shifted Ovp.$10.00
1LB2 NH, w/Blurred Top Line$5.00
1LB2a H$30.00
1LB2a H, Pair$55.00
1LB2a H, w/Major Crooked Ovpt.$75.00
1LB3 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.$200.00
1LB3a H$225.00
1LB4 NH$125.00
1LB4 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.$200.00
1LB5-7 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.$15.00
1LB5-7 H$4.00
1LB5 U, on Piece$1.25
1LE1a NH$26.50
1LE2a NH$12.50
1LJ7-13 U, on Piece$2.50
1LJ7 H, w/Inv. Ovpt.$5.00
1LJ10 H, w/Franco Ovpt.$2.00
1LJ16, 1LJ18 NH, w/Franco Ovpt.$4.00
1LJ16 H, w/Franco Ovpt.$2.00
1LJ18 H, w/Franco Ovpt.$2.00
1LJ26 H$0.40

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