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Venezuela : C500-End
Updated: Jan 30, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
C500-08 H$250.00
C500-08 U$60.00
C500-07 U$35.00
C500-03 H$25.00
C500-03 U$5.50
C500-02 H$13.50
C501-04 U$7.00
C504 H$28.00
C505-06 H$50.00
C505 H$22.50
C506-08 U$45.00
C506 H$28.50
C506 U$5.00
C507 H, MD$30.00
C507 U$18.00
C509-17 H$35.00
C509-17 U$20.00
C509-16 U$14.50
C509-13 U$4.25
C509-12 U$3.50
C509-11 U$1.25
C509 H$1.00
C510-11 U$1.00
C512-15 H$16.50
C514 U$4.50
C515 H$3.50
C515 U$2.00
C516-17 H$16.50
C516 U$3.50
C517 H$10.00
C517 H, Toned$4.00
C517 U, MD$2.00
C518-26 H$35.00
C518-26 U$17.50
C518-21 H$5.75
C518-21 U$2.75
C520-22 U$2.75
C521-22 U$2.50
C521 H$4.00
C523 H$5.50
C524 U$2.25
C525 H$6.00
C525 H, MD$2.00
C525 NG$2.00
C526 NH$10.00
C527-35 H$26.50
C529-32 H$8.00
C529-30 U$0.75
C529 U$0.40
C530-35 U$6.50
C530 U$0.40
C531-34 U$2.75
C532 H$6.00
C533-35 H, MD$5.00
C533-34 H$7.00
C535 H$5.50
C536-44 H$35.00
C536-44 U$10.00
C536-38 H$2.50
C536-38 U$1.25
C537-44 H$33.00
C540 H$4.50
C541 H, MD$1.50
C542-44 H$14.00
C543 H$6.50
C543 U$1.65
C545-53 H$40.00
C547-53 U, (C552 is MD)$9.50
C545-53 U$26.00
C554-46 H$16.00
C547-52 U$4.65
C547-48 NH$2.00
C547 U$0.50
C548-53 H$25.00
C549-50 H$6.75
C552-53 H$11.50
C554-56 U$0.50
C554 H$1.25
C555-56 H$4.50
C555 NH$2.50
C556 H$2.50
C561-64 U$2.75
C565-75 U$3.00
C565-75 U, (Less C573)$2.50
C565, C567, C570, C572-74 H$5.75
C566-69 U$0.65
C566-68 U$0.45
C566-67 U$0.40
C567-70 U$0.50
C567-68 H$0.40
C573-75 U$1.50
C573 H$3.25
C575 U$0.40
C576-80 NH$25.00
C576-80 H$14.00
C576-80 U$5.50
C578-80 U$5.00
C579-80 U$5.00
C579 H$2.25
C580 U$4.00
C581-86 NH$30.00
C581-86 H$15.00
C581-86 U$2.00
C581-85 NH$18.00
C581-83 NH$11.00
C583-86 U$1.50
C583-84 H$4.00
C583 U$0.30
C584 U$0.65
C585-86 H$7.00
C585-86 U$0.75
C585 NH$3.75
C586 H$5.00
C586 U$0.35
C587-89 H$3.00
C587-89 U$2.25
C590-96 H$1.50
C590-96 U$1.25
C590-94 U$0.75
C594-96 U$0.50
C597-605 H$3.75
C597-604 U$2.25
C599-601 U$0.45
C599-600 U$0.35
C600-01 U$0.35
C607-12 NH$11.00
C607-12 H$4.25
C608-12 U$1.50
C613-28 H$25.00
C613-28 U$3.50
C613-26 H$18.00
C613-22 U$1.75
C613-20 U$1.50
C615 H$0.90
C623 H$1.50
C625-28 NH$15.00
C625-28 U$1.25
C627-28 H$4.50
C627-28 U$0.80
C628 NH$4.00
C628 H$2.25
C629-35 NH$5.00
C629-35 H$3.00
C629-35 U$1.50
C633-34 H$0.65
C633 NH$0.60
C636-42 NH$4.00
C636-42 H$2.25
C636-42 U$1.25
C643-51 NH$3.25
C644-57 U$3.50
C653-54 NH$2.75
C656-57 NH$2.75
C658-70 NH$13.00
C658-70 U$6.00
C658-69 NH$5.50
C658-69 U$2.00
C658-67 U$1.65
C660-63 U$0.65
C660, C662-664 NH$2.00
C661-65 U$0.65
C663-65 U$0.40
C674-89 U$4.50
C674-83 U$1.65
C674-78 U$0.80
C680-87 U$2.75
C686 U$0.75
C689 U$0.50
C690-700 U$2.75
C690-99 U$2.50
C696 NH$0.45
C701-05 H$1.50
C701-05 U$1.25
C704-05 H$0.90
C704-05 U$0.65
C706-08 NH$4.25
C706-08 H$1.25
C706-08 U$0.65
C707-08 U$0.90
C708 NH$2.25
C708 H$0.50
C708 U$0.30
C709-11 NH$3.25
C709-11 H$2.75
C713 H$1.00
C715-20 NH$6.75
C715-20 H$5.75
C721-34 NH$16.50
C721-34 H$14.00
C724 H$0.35
C725-26 NH$4.50
C726-27 U$0.60
C729-30 U$0.60
C735-37 H$3.00
C740 NH$1.25
C744-46 NH$5.00
C744-46 H$4.00
C746 NH$2.50
C747-49 U$0.65
C749 NH$1.25
C750-51 NH$1.65
C756-70 NH$6.50
C756-70 H$5.50
C756-70 U$3.50
C768 NH$0.70
C771-73 NH$2.00
C771-73 H$1.75
C772-73 H$1.25
C773 H$0.75
C774-75 NH$0.80
C774-75 H$0.65
C774-75 U$0.35
C776-78 NH$2.50
C779-84 NH$11.00
C779-84 H$8.50
C779-81 U$0.80
C783 U$0.65
C785 NH$0.50
C785 H$0.25
C785 U$0.25
C785a NH$3.00
C785a H, MD$0.75
C786-92 NH$4.25
C786-92 U$1.50
C786-90 U$0.90
C787-88 U$0.40
C793 NH$0.65
C793 U$0.25
C794-803 NH$15.00
C794-803 H$10.00
C794-800 U$1.50
C794-99 U$1.00
C800 U$0.40
C802-03 U$3.25
C804-06 NH$4.00
C804-06 H$3.50
C804-06 H, Imp.$3.00
C804 NH$0.60
C806a NH, SS$4.25
C806a NH, MD, SS$1.25
C807 NH$1.75
C807 H$1.25
C807 U$0.75
C808-10 H$2.50
C810a NH, SS$4.00
C810a NH, MD, SS$1.00
C810a H, SS$3.00
C810a U, SS$3.00
C811-18 NH$12.50
C811-18 U$6.50
C818 NH$4.25
C819 NH$0.75
C819 U$0.25
C819a NH, SS$3.00
C819a H, SS$2.50
C820-25 NH$10.00
C820-25 H$8.50
C820-23 U$0.85
C825 NH$4.75
C825 U$2.25
C826-27 NH$1.50
C828 NH$1.65
C828 H$1.25
C829-30 NH$2.50
C829-30 H$2.00
C829 NH$1.00
C831 NH$1.00
C831 U$0.35
C835 NH$1.65
C835 H$1.25
C835 U$0.65
C836-37 NH$2.50
C837a NH, SS$3.75
C837a H, SS$3.25
C840-41 U$0.65
C848 NH$0.90
C849 NH$0.90
C851 U$0.65
C851 U, on Cover$0.65
C852-54 NH$2.25
C852-54 H$1.75
C852-54 U$0.60
C854 NH$1.00
C855 NH$1.00
C855 H$0.75
C882 NH$0.65
C883 NH$0.65
C888-94 U$1.25
C888 NH$0.65
C889 NH$0.65
C892 NH$0.75
C896 NH$0.75
C902-04 U$1.25
C903 NH$0.95
C903 H$0.75
C904 NH$1.00
C904 H$0.85
C905-07 U$0.60
C905 H$0.40
C906 NH$0.80
C907a NH, SS$11.00
C908-14 U$2.50
C908-11 U$1.50
C908 NH$0.75
C908 H$0.65
C909 NH$0.75
C910 NH$1.00
C911 NH$0.90
C911 H$0.75
C912-14 U$1.00
C912 NH$1.00
C912 H$0.85
C912 U$0.35
C912 U, on Cover$0.40
C913 NH$1.00
C913 H$0.85
C915-17 U$1.00
C915 U$0.25
C918 NH$0.90
C918 H$0.65
C918 U$0.30
C919-24 H$6.50
C925-26 NH$1.50
C925-26 H$1.00
C927-29 NH$3.00
C927-29 H$2.50
C929 NH$1.00
C930-32 U$1.25
C930 H$0.80
C930 U$0.50
C931 NH$1.25
C931 NH, Tropical Stains$0.50
C931 H$0.90
C932 NH$1.00
C932 H$0.85
C933 U$0.35
C935 U$0.35
C936 NH$1.00
C936 H$0.85
C936 U$0.35
C937-48 NH, Blks/4$25.00
C937-48 NH$7.50
C937-48 H$6.50
C937-48 U$4.00
C937-44 NH$1.50
C937-39 U$2.00
C937-43 U$1.00
C937-42 NH$1.25
C937-42 H$0.85
C937-39 U$0.50
C937-38 NH$0.50
C937-38 H$0.40
C937-38 U$0.40
C938 NH, Center Offset$2.50
C939-41 U$0.40
C940-48 H$6.00
C940-45 U$0.85
C940-41 H$0.40
C941-46 U$0.75
C941-42 NH$0.45
C941 NH$0.30
C942-45 U$0.50
C942 NH$0.35
C943-46 U$0.60
C943-45 U$0.45
C945-46 NH$1.00
C949-58 U$2.00
C949-51 U$0.65
C950 U$0.25
C951-52 U$0.40
C951 NH$0.95
C951 H$0.70
C952-58 NH$3.25
C952-58 H$2.75
C952-58 NG$1.50
C952-58 U$1.50
C952-53 U$0.35
C952-53 NH, SS, Note$60.00
C952-53 H, SS, Note$50.00
C952 NH, SS$32.50
C953 NH, SS$32.50
C954 NH$0.50
C955 NH$0.50
C958 NH$0.80
C958a-58b NH, SS, See Note$60.00
C958a-58b H, SS, See Note$50.00
C958a-58b U, SS, See Note$55.00
C959 NH$0.85
C959 H$0.70
C960 NH$0.85
C960 H$0.70
C961-72 NH$12.00
C961-72 H$9.75
C961-72 U$3.75
C964-72 H$9.25
C973-75 H$1.65
C976 NH$1.00
C976 H$0.85
C976 U$0.45
C977-82 NH$4.00
C977-82 H$3.50
C977-82 NG$1.50
C977-82 U$1.50
C982 NH$1.75
C982 U$0.60
C983 NH$0.60
C983 H$0.40
C983 U$0.25
C984-88 NH$3.50
C984-88 U$1.25
C988 U$0.35
C991 NH$1.00
C992 H$0.90
C992 U$0.35
C993-97 NH$6.25
C993-97 NH, Tropical Stains$2.50
C993-97 H$5.25
C993-97 U$2.00
C993-96 NH$2.50
C993-96 H$2.00
C993-94 U$0.40
C997 U$1.25
C998-99 U$0.50
C998 NH$0.60
C998 H$0.35
C999 NH$0.90
C999 H$0.65
C999 U$0.35
C1005 U$0.35
C1009-11 U$0.50
C1012 NH$0.65
C1012 H$0.50
C1013-18 NH, Blks/4$15.00
C1013-18 NH$4.50
C1013-18 H$3.50
C1013-18 U$1.50
C1014-18 U$1.25
C1019-19a NH$3.75
C1019 NH$1.25
C1019 H$0.90
C1019 U$0.40
C1019a NH$2.50
C1019a H$2.00
C1020-21 U$0.50
C1021 U$0.30
C1021a NH$2.00
C1021a H$1.50
C1022-33 H$8.50
C1022-27 NH$2.50
C1028-33 U$2.75
C1031-33 U$2.00
C1034 H$0.55
C1035 NH, Blk/4$1.00
C1040 H$0.30
C1041 H$0.40
C1048 NH$2.00
C1055-59 NH, Shts/5 + Label$25.00
C1055-59 U$1.75
C1056 NH$0.50
C1057-59 U$1.50
C1057 NH$1.00
C1058 NH$1.50
C1059 U$0.60
C1060 NH$0.60
C1060 U$0.30
CB2 U$0.50
F2 H$1.25
F2 U$1.00
O1-3 NH, Toned$0.75
O1 H$0.50
O2-3 U$1.50
O2 H$0.60
O2 U$0.50
O14-18 U$1.75
O15-18 U$1.50
O19-21 NG$0.60
O19 U$0.25
O22 U$2.75
O23 H$1.25
O23a H$1.25
O23a U$1.25
O28 U$0.50
Mi 52 H$0.75
Mi 60 H$1.00
Mi 90-94 H$2.00
Mi 97 H$1.00
Mi 100-02 H$5.00
Mi 104 U$3.25
Mi 105-06 H$6.50

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