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Syria : B1-End
Updated: Mar 14, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
B1-12 H$16.00
B1-10 H$13.50
B1-7 H$9.50
B1-6 H$8.50
B1-3, B5-11 H$10.00
B1-4, B6 H$6.75
B1-4 H$5.50
B1 H$1.25
B3-8 H$8.75
B3-4 H$2.75
B3 H$1.25
B6 H$1.50
B12 U$1.50
C4 U$26.50
C5-6 U, on piece$195.00
C7-9 U$80.00
C10-13 H$75.00
C12-13 H$30.00
C13 NH$20.00
C13 NH, MD$6.00
C13 H$15.00
C14-17 H$85.00
C14-16 H$65.00
C14, C16-17 U$65.00
C18-21 H$15.00
C18 H$2.75
C19-21 H$8.00
C22-25 H$20.00
C22-25 U$20.00
C24 H$4.25
C25 H$4.25
C26-29 H$6.00
C27-29 H$4.50
C29 U$1.50
C30-33 H$6.00
C30-33 U$6.00
C30 H$1.50
C31-33 H$4.75
C32 U$2.00
C33 U$1.75
C34-36 U$6.00
C34-35 H$2.00
C34-35 U$2.00
C34 H$0.75
C34 U$0.75
C34c U$25.00
C37 H$2.75
C37 U$2.75
C38-44 H$15.00
C38-42 H$9.00
C46 H$0.65
C48 H$0.65
C51 U$0.80
C52-54 U$3.25
C56 H$2.25
C56 U$1.75
C57-66 H$150.00
C57-66 U$165.00
C57-62 H$30.00
C63-64 U$45.00
C63 U$20.00
C65-66 H$100.00
C66 NH$65.00
C67-71 H$15.00
C67-71 U$16.00
C68-69 H$6.50
C72-79 H$18.00
C72-76 NH$10.00
C72-76 U$9.00
C72-75 H$6.50
C72-76 U$9.00
C76 H$1.65
C80-87 H$10.00
C80-83 H$1.50
C80-82 H$1.25
C80-81, C83 H$1.25
C80 H$0.40
C82 U$0.50
C84-85 U$2.00
C84 U$1.50
C86 U$3.00
C88 H$3.00
C88b NH$6.00
C89-95 H$4.00
C89-94 H$2.25
C89-93 H$1.50
C89-92 H$0.75
C89-91 H$0.50
C90 H$0.25
C92, C94-95 U$2.50
C93-95 U$2.75
C98 H$2.50
C99-102 H$7.25
C103-06 H$7.25
C107-08 H$14.00
C107-08 U$12.00
C107 U$5.00
C108 U$7.00
C109-13 NH$35.00
C109-13 H$18.50
C109-12 NH$18.00
C113 H$9.00
C116 NH$22.00
C116 H$13.50
C117-23 NH$17.50
C118-23 H$9.25
C121-22 U$1.25
C122-23 H$6.50
C124 H$0.30
C131 H$1.00
C131 U$0.30
C136-38 NH$8.50
C136-38 H$6.50
C136-38 H, (C138 is U)$5.00
C136-38 U$4.00
C141a U, SS$40.00
C143a H, SS$35.00
C143a U, SS$40.00
C147 NH$1.50
C148-52 H$13.00
C148-52, C157 U$1.65
C151-52 U$1.50
C151 NH$7.50
C151 U$0.50
C152 H$6.50
C152 U$0.50
C153 H$2.00
C154-55 NH$18.50
C154-55 H$14.50
C154 H$4.50
C155 H$11.50
C155 H, Note, SS$75.00
C156-161, C164-68 U$2.00
C164-68 H, Imp.$20.00
C164-68 U$1.25
C166-68 U$1.00
C167 H$0.40
C168 H$3.25
C169-72 NH$11.00
C169-72 H$9.00
C169-72 U$4.00
C172 U$1.50
C173 U$0.25
C175-82 U$2.00
C178-79 H$0.75
C180-81 U$0.65
C180 H$1.25
C181-82 U$0.85
C182 NH$2.25
C182 H$2.00
C182 U$0.40
C187-88 NH$1.75
C187-88 NH, Imp.$2.50
C187-88 H$1.50
C187-88 U$1.00
C188 H$1.00
C188 U$0.80
C189-90 NH$2.00
C189-90 H$1.25
C190 H$1.00
C200-01 H$1.50
C200-01 H, Imp.$2.50
C200 H$0.45
C201 NH$1.00
C208-11 U$6.50
C208-10 U$2.75
C208-09 H$9.00
C208-09 U$1.50
C208 U$0.65
C215 U$0.60
C221-22 NH$2.00
C221-22 H$1.65
C221-22 U$1.25
C221 U$0.40
C222 NH$1.25
C223-25 H, SS$15.00
C228-29 H, SS$15.00
C246 U$0.25
C253 H, SS$1.50
C255-62 H$12.00
C255-58 NH$2.25
C256-59 U$1.00
C257-60 H$4.50
C257-58 U$0.40
C257 NH$0.75
C257 H$0.60
C258 NH$0.85
C258 U$0.30
C259-62 NH$12.00
C259-62 H$10.00
C259 NH$1.50
C264-70 NH$2.75
C264-66 NH$1.00
C264-66 H$0.85
C267-68 NH$0.75
C267-68 H$0.50
C267-68 U$0.45
C269-70 NH$1.00
C269-70 H$0.75
C271-74 NH$1.00
C271-72 NH$0.45
C275-76 NH$0.50
C275-76 H$0.50
C279-82 NH$3.00
C279-82 H$2.50
C280-82 U$0.65
C282 U$0.40
C283 H$0.30
C285-90 H$2.50
C287 NH$0.45
C289-90 NH$1.25
C289-90 U$0.40
C291 NH$0.35
C291a NH, SS$1.00
C291a H, SS$0.90
C294-95 NH$0.50
C294-95 H$0.35
C297-98 NH$0.65
C299-300 NH$0.65
C299-300 H$0.50
C302-04 NH$0.75
C302-04 H$0.60
C304a NH, SS$0.75
C304a H, SS$0.60
C308-10 NH$0.70
C308-10 H$0.50
C311-13 NH$0.70
C311-13 H$0.50
C311-12 NH$0.45
C315-19 NH$1.50
C315-19 H$1.00
C319 NH$0.35
C320-21 NH$0.45
C320 NH$0.30
C322-23 NH$0.45
C322 H$0.25
C323 H$0.25
C324-26 NH$0.75
C330-32 NH$0.65
C333-35 H$0.50
C350 H$0.30
C358 NH$0.50
C359-60 NH$0.50
C363 H$0.75
C367-68 NH$0.65
C367-68 H$0.50
C391 H$0.60
C399 U$0.30
C425 H$0.60
C436 H, Imp$0.30
C441a H, Strip$1.00
C481 U$0.25
CB1-4 NH$8.00
CB1-4 H$6.50
CB1-4 H, (CB1 is MD)$5.00
CB1-3 NH$6.00
CB1-2 H, MD$1.00
CB2-4 H$5.00
CB2-3 H$3.25
J9-10 H$1.65
J9 H$0.85
J10 U$1.00
J23-26 H$2.75
J23-25 H$2.00
J23 H$0.60
J24-26 H$2.00
J28-29 H$0.90
J28 H$0.50
J29 H$0.45
J30 H$0.60
J33-36 H$1.50
J33-34 H$0.30
J33 H$0.25
J34 U$0.25
J36 H$0.75
J39 H$3.50
J40-44 NH$0.90
M2-3 NH$20.00
M2-3 H$12.00
M4-10 NH$8.00
M4-10 H$6.00
M7-10 H$4.00
MC1-4 H$23.50
MC1, MC3-4 U$15.00
MC2 NH$6.50
MC2 H$5.50
MC5-6 NH$7.00
MC5-6 H$5.50
MC5 NH$2.25
MC5 H$3.00
MC8 H, SS, Imp.$20.00
MC8 U, Imp$25.00
MC9-10 H$4.50
MC9 NH$3.00
MC9 H$2.00
MC10 NH$3.00
MC10 H$1.75
MCB1-2 NH$65.00
RA1-5, RA8-9 U$100.00
RA1 U, (No Overprint)$14.50
RA2-5 U$65.00
RA3-5, RA8-9 U$80.00
RA3-5 U$50.00
RA3-4 U$35.00
RA3 U$15.00
RA4 U$15.00
RA5 U$15.00
RA8 U$18.00
RA9 U$18.00
RA10 H$60.00
RA10 U$18.00
RA12 U, O/P on RA10$100.00
RA12 U$50.00

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