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Philippines : B1-End
Updated: Mar 21, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
B1-3 NH$9.00
B1-3 H$7.50
B1-3 U$8.00
B2 NH$3.50
B2 U$3.25
B3 H$3.75
B4-5 NH$0.75
B4-5 H$0.50
B4-5 U$0.35
B6-7 NH$0.75
B6-7 H$0.50
B6-7 U$0.50
B7 U$0.35
B8-9 NH$0.50
B8-9 H$0.30
B8-9 U$0.30
B10-11, CB1-3 H$2.75
B11a NH$0.95
B11a H$0.70
B12-13 NH$0.60
B12-13 H$0.45
B12-13 U$0.35
B12 H$0.25
B14-15 NH$0.60
B14-15 H$0.45
B14-15 U$0.65
B16 NH$0.50
B16 H$0.35
B17 NH$0.50
B17 H$0.35
B17 U$0.25
B18-20 NH$1.00
B18-20 H$0.85
B18-20 U$0.65
B18 U$0.25
B21-22 NH$1.25
B23-25 NH$1.25
B23-25 H$0.90
B23-25 U$0.50
B26-29 NH$1.25
B26-29 H$0.95
B26-29 U$0.80
B26-27, B29 U$0.60
B30-31 H$0.65
B32-35 NH$3.75
B32-35 H$3.00
B32-33 H$0.40
B36-39 NH$4.25
B40-43 NH$2.50
B40-43 U$1.00
B48-49 H$1.25
B50-51 H$1.00
B50 H$0.25
B50a-51a NH, Pairs$6.75
B50a-51a NH, Singles$3.50
B50a-51a H, Singles$3.00
B50a U$0.50
C1-6 U$215.00
C1-2 U$40.00
C6 U$65.00
C9-12 U$225.00
C12 NH$125.00
C17 H$195.00
C18-28 H$85.00
C29-35 H$11.00
C29-35 U$11.00
C36-45 H$17.50
C37-44 H$14.50
C46-51 H$2.00
C46-48 H$1.00
C46 H$0.40
C46 U$0.25
C47-51 U$0.90
C47-49, C51 H$1.50
C47.48, C50 U$0.50
C48-50 NH$2.00
C48-49 U$0.35
C50-51 H$0.90
C50-51 U$0.40
C50 H$0.45
C51 H$0.50
C51 U$0.25
C52-53 NH$1.00
C52-53 H$0.60
C52-53 U$0.40
C53 H$0.40
C53 U$0.25
C54-56 NH$0.65
C54-56 H$0.40
C54-55 H$0.40
C54-55 U$0.40
C54 NH$0.30
C54 H$0.25
C54 U$0.25
C55 U$0.25
C57-58 H$6.00
C59-62 NH$8.50
C59-62 H$7.00
C59-61 H$5.00
C61 NH$3.00
C62 NH$0.75
C62 H$0.40
C62 U$0.35
C64-66 NH$5.00
C64-66 H$4.00
C64-66 U$2.75
C65 U$0.60
C66 U$1.75
C67 NH$9.50
C67 H$7.50
C67 NG$5.00
C67 U$4.00
C68-69 H$2.50
C68-69 U$0.70
C68 H$1.00
C68 U$0.30
C69 H$1.50
C69 U$0.45
C70 NH$3.00
C70 H$2.50
C70 U$1.65
C71-72 NH$3.50
C71-72 H$2.75
C71-72 U$0.65
C71 U$0.25
C72a NH, SS$3.75
C72a H, SS$3.00
C73 NH$1.50
C73 U$0.50
C74-76 NH$13.50
C74-76 H$10.00
C74-76 U$3.75
C74-75 NH$6.00
C77 NH$2.00
C77 H$1.25
C77 U$0.65
C78-81 NH$3.50
C78-81 H$3.00
C78-81 U$1.00
C79-81 NH$2.00
C79-81 U$1.75
C80-81 U$1.25
C80 H$0.50
C80 U$0.25
C81 NH$1.00
C81 H$0.65
C81 U$0.50
C82-84 U$0.50
C82 NH$0.60
C82 H$0.45
C82 U$0.25
C82 U, Tete Bech Pair$0.35
C83-84 NH$0.75
C83-84 H$0.60
C83-84 U$0.35
C85-86 NH$1.50
C85-86 H$1.00
C85-86 U$0.65
C86 U$0.40
C87 NH$0.60
C87 H$0.45
C91-92 U$0.50
C92 H$1.00
C92a NH, SS$4.50
C92a H, SS$3.50
C93 NH$4.50
C94-95 H$1.25
C94 NH$0.75
C94 U$0.30
C95 NH$0.75
C95 H$0.50
C95 U$0.35
C100 H$0.75
C101 NH$0.90
C102 NH$1.00
C103 H$0.55
C106 NH$0.60
C108-108A NH, SS$5.50
C108 NH, Black Ovpt.$2.00
C108 NH, Red Ovpt.$2.00
C108 U, SS$2.00
C109 NH, Imp$14.00
C110 NH, Imp$12.50
C112 NH, SS$4.50
CB3a NH, SS$5.00
E1 H$65.00
E2 H$27.00
E2 U$5.25
E2b H$20.00
E3 H$13.50
E4 H$100.00
E5 H$0.35
E5b NH, Plt. Blk/6$125.00
E5b H$0.35
E5b U$0.25
E6 NH$30.00
E6 NH, Plt. Blk/8$250.00
E6 H, Plt. Blk/6$125.00
E6 H$16.50
E10 NH$0.75
E10 H$0.45
E10a H$3.00
E10a U$1.75
E11 NH$0.50
E11 H$0.35
E11 U$0.25
E12 NH$0.50
E12 H$0.35
E12 U$0.25
J1-7 H$350.00
J1-6 H$200.00
J4-5 H$175.00
J4 H$11.00
J5 NH$295.00
J6 H$11.00
J7 H$150.00
J7 U$75.00
J8-14 H$1.25
J8-14 H, (Less J11)$1.00
J15 NH$0.35
J15 H$0.25
J23-26 H$1.50
J23-26 U$0.90
J25-26 U$0.50
J26 U$0.30
N1-3 H$3.50
N1 NH$0.30
N2-3 U$3.75
N3 H$3.00
N3 U$2.50
N4-7 U$95.00
N4-6 H$0.75
N4 NH$0.35
N5-6 U$1.25
N5 NH$0.35
N5 U$0.40
N7 H$60.00
N7 U$95.00
N8-9 NH$7.00
N9 H$0.30
N10-11 NH$0.85
N11 H$0.30
N12-25 NH$31.50
N12-25 H$16.50
N12-18 H$1.65
N12-17 H$1.00
N12-16 H$0.75
N12-15 NH$0.75
N12-15 H$0.60
N12-13 H$0.30
N12-13 U$0.30
N12 NH$0.30
N13-15 H$0.50
N13-14 H$0.30
N13 NH$0.30
N13 H$0.25
N15 NH$0.30
N15 H$0.25
N17 H$0.25
N17 U$0.25
N19 H$0.25
N19 U$0.30
N22 H$0.25
N22 U$0.30
N26-27 NH$0.50
N26-27 H$0.30
N28 NH$0.35
N29-31 U$1.75
N29a-31a H, Pairs$0.75
N29a-31a NH, Singles$0.70
N29a-31a H, Singles$0.40
N29a-31a U, Pairs$3.50
N29a-31a U, Singles$1.75
N29a-30a H, Singles$0.30
N29a U, Blk/4$0.65
N29a U, Single$0.60
N32-34 U$2.00
N32a-34a H, Pairs$1.00
N32a-34a H, Singles$0.65
N32a-34a U, Pairs$7.50
N32a-34a U, on cover$5.00
N33a-34a H, Pairs$0.50
N35-36 NH$2.50
N37-39 H$0.45
N37-39 H, Pairs$0.85
NB1-3 NH$35.00
NB1-3 H$15.00
NB2 NH$0.30
NB4 U, SS$11.50
NB5-7 NH$0.65
NB5-7 H$0.40
NB5 NH$0.30
NB8 NH, SS$6.50
NB8 H, SS$3.75
NB8 U, SS$2.50
NJ1 NH$25.00
NJ1 H$15.00
NJ1 U$20.00
NO1 NH$0.30
NO1a H, (w/NO1 Normal)$200.00
NO3 NH$0.25
NO3 H$0.25
NO3 U$0.60
NO4 NH$0.45
NO4 U$0.80
NO5 NH$0.45
NO5 H$0.25
NO6-07 NH$1.50
NO6 NH$0.50
O1-4 H$13.00
O5-14 H$7.00
O5-9 U$0.75
O5-8 U$0.50
O5-O6, O8-O9 U$0.65
O5-6 U$0.30
O5 U$0.25
O5a U$11.00
O6-9 H$3.00
O6-O9, O11 U$0.75
O6 U$0.25
O9 U$0.25
O11-12 U$0.35
O13a U$1.00
O15-24 NH$5.50
O15-17 U$0.50
O15-16 U$0.30
O15 U, Piece w/CDS Cancel$0.25
O15a U$9.75
O17, O19, O21 U$0.50
O25-26 H$0.60
O25 U$0.25
O25 U, Piece w/CDS Cancel$0.25
O27-36 H$3.50
O27 U$0.25
O27 U, Piece w/CDS Cancel$0.25
O31 U$0.25
O37 NH$0.30
O37 H$0.25
O39 NH$15.00
O44 H$0.25
O44 U$0.25
O50-51 U$0.35
O53-56 U$1.00
O53 H$0.30
O53 U$0.25
O54 U$0.25
O55 H$1.00
O55 U$0.30
O56 NH$0.50
O56 H$0.30
O56 U$0.25
O57-60 H$2.00
O57-60 U$0.65
O57 H$0.30
O58 NH$0.50
O58-59 U$0.30
O59-60 H$1.25
O61 NH$0.50
O61 H$0.25
O61 U$0.25
O62 NH$0.45
O62 H$0.30
O62 U$0.25
O63-69 U$1.25
O63-65 NH$1.00
O68-69 U$0.35
O70 H$0.35
O70 U$0.25
P1-4 H$0.75
P1-2, P4 H$0.55
P1, P3-4 H$0.55
P4 H$0.25
P5-9 H$5.00
P5, P7-8 H$0.80
P5 H$0.25
P6 H$4.00
P7-9 H$0.80
P7 H$0.25
P10-17, P19-20 H$5.50
P12-13, P17 H$0.50
P12 H$0.25
P18 H, MD$35.00
RA1-5 U$1.00
Y2 H$0.25
Y2 U$2.75
YF1 NH$5.00
YF1 H$3.00
YP1a H, Blk/4$6.00
YP1a H, Singles$1.50
YP1a U, Single$5.00

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