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Italy and Colonies : Italy B1-End
Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Catalog #PriceAdd
B1-3 H$25.00
B1-3 U$40.00
B1-2 H$7.50
B1-2 U$12.50
B1 H$5.00
B1 U$6.00
B2-3 U$40.00
B3 U$35.00
B4 H$12.50
B4 U$26.50
B6 H$625.00
B9-16 H$3500.00
B10a U$350.00
B17-19 H$50.00
B17-19 U$195.00
B18 U$70.00
B20-25 H$20.00
B20-25 U$95.00
B20-24 U$65.00
B20-23 H$10.00
B20-23 U$45.00
B20-21 U$16.00
B20 U$8.00
B20, B22-23 U$40.00
B20, B22 U$16.00
B21-24 NG$7.50
B21-23 H$7.75
B21 NH$7.00
B22-24 H$9.00
B22-23 U$30.00
B22 U$8.00
B22 NG$1.50
B23-25 U$90.00
B23-24 U$50.00
B23 U$25.00
B23 U, MD$9.50
B24 U$25.00
B25 U$50.00
B26-29 U$175.00
B27 H$2.00
B30-33 H$65.00
B30-33 U$325.00
B30-32 NH$100.00
B30-32 H$35.00
B30-32 U$99.00
B30-31 U$50.00
B30 U$35.00
B31-33 H$60.00
B31 H$12.00
B35-37 U$75.00
B35-36 U$40.00
B35 U$25.00
B36 U$16.50
B37 U$60.00
B39-42 U$60.00
B40 U$12.00
B43 U$0.85
C1 NH$35.00
C1 H$14.50
C1 U$25.00
C2 NH$35.00
C2 H$14.50
C2 U$30.00
C2 U, on piece$25.00
C3-9 H$90.00
C3-9 U$250.00
C3-8 H$65.00
C3-7 U$175.00
C3-6 H$40.00
C3 H$12.00
C4-9 H$83.50
C4-9 U$235.00
C4 U$8.00
C5-9 H$80.00
C5-6 U$85.00
C5 NH$50.00
C5 U$75.00
C6 NH$20.00
C6 U$8.00
C7-8 U$100.00
C7 NH$50.00
C7 U$75.00
C8-9 NH$100.00
C8-9 U$95.00
C8 NH$30.00
C8 U$20.00
C9 NH$75.00
C9 U$60.00
C10-11 H$50.00
C10-11 U$275.00
C10 U$50.00
C11 U$225.00
C12-19 H$2.50
C12-19 U$6.50
C12-18 H$1.50
C12-18 U$2.00
C12-14, C16-17, C19 U$5.00
C12-14 U$0.40
C12-13 U$0.25
C12 H$0.25
C12, C16-17 U$0.40
C13-16 NH$1.75
C13-16 U$0.85
C13-15 NH$1.50
C13-14 U$0.30
C13 NH, Blk of 4$1.65
C13, C16 NH$0.75
C14 H$0.25
C16-19 U$5.50
C16-17 U$0.30
C20-22 H$14.50
C20-22 U$100.00
C22 U$85.00
C23-26 H$90.00
C23-26 U$600.00
C23-24 U$50.00
C24-26 NH$175.00
C25-26 H$70.00
C25-26 U$550.00
C26 U$300.00
C28-33 H$32.50
C28-33 U$300.00
C28-31 U$75.00
C32 U$100.00
C33 U$175.00
C34 U$495.00
C35-39 H$25.00
C35-39 U$80.00
C36-39 NH$70.00
C36-39 U$75.00
C40-41 H$8.00
C40-41 U$26.50
C40 U$7.00
C41 U$20.00
C41 U, MD$8.00
C42-47 NH$250.00
C42-47 H$85.00
C42-47 U$995.00
C42-46 NH$175.00
C48-49 NH, Blk/3 w/3 Diff. Pilots$1125.00
C48-49 NH$395.00
C48-49 H, Separated$150.00
C48 NH, Strip of 3$175.00
C48 H, Separated$75.00
C48 U, Strip of 3$995.00
C52-55 H$25.00
C52-55 U$400.00
C52-55, Rome to Buenas Aires Cancel$400.00
C52 NH$15.00
C53 U$65.00
C56-61, CE5-7 U$100.00
C56-59 U$20.00
C62-65 H$80.00
C62-65 U$550.00
C62-64 U$225.00
C64 H$30.00
C66-72 NH, (Less C71)$65.00
C66-72 H$30.00
C70 U$20.00
C71 U$24.50
C73-78 H$40.00
C73-78 U$950.00
C73-76 U$425.00
C77 U$265.00
C79-83 NH$150.00
C79-83 H$50.00
C79-83 U$300.00
C79-82 U$125.00
C79-81 U$30.00
C79 U$7.00
C80-81 U$22.00
C80 U$6.25
C81 H$9.50
C81 U$15.00
C84-88 H$35.00
C84-88 U$295.00
C84-87 U$125.00
C84-86 U$23.50
C87 U$100.00
C88 NH$45.00
C88 U$150.00
C89-94 H$55.00
C89-94 U$975.00
C89-92 U$115.00
C89-91, C93 U$145.00
C91 U$18.00
C94 U$150.00
C95-99 NH$225.00
C95-99 H$80.00
C95-99 U$225.00
C95-97 H$24.00
C95-97 U$25.00
C95-96 U$14.25
C97 NH$40.00
C99 U$150.00
C100-05 H$35.00
C100-05 U$100.00
C100-03 U$40.00
C101-03 NH$40.00
C101-03 U$35.00
C102-03 U$30.00
C102 U$6.50
C104-5 H$15.00
C106-15 U$22.50
C106-14 H$13.00
C106-14 U$20.00
C106-13 H$13.00
C106-12 H$4.75
C106-11 NH$10.00
C106-11 H$4.50
C106-10 H$0.60
C106-08, C110-14 U$22.25
C106-07 U$0.30
C109-15 U$22.00
C109-14 U$21.00
C109-12 U$9.00
C109-11 U$8.75
C109-10 NH$0.65
C109-10 U$0.30
C110-14 U$22.00
C111-14 U$20.00
C111, C113 H$12.25
C111, C113 U$21.50
C111 NH$9.00
C111 H$4.00
C111 U$8.50
C112-14 U$13.25
C113 NH$15.00
C113 H$8.50
C113 U$12.00
C116-21 U$5.50
C116-21 U, (C116 is H)$6.50
C120-21 U$3.00
C121 NH$1.75
C121 U$2.00
C123-26 U$2.75
C123-25 U$1.25
C123-24 U$0.50
C123 NH$3.50
C123 H$0.65
C123 H, MD$0.30
C124-26 U$2.25
C124 U$0.35
C125-26 U$2.00
C126 U$1.50
C127-28 NH$90.00
C127-28 H$45.00
C127-28 U$40.00
C127 NH$65.00
C127 H$26.50
C127 U$25.00
C128 NH$35.00
C128 U$15.00
C129 U$0.65
C132 NH$0.50
C133 U$0.35
C136 U$0.80
CB1-2 H$3.75
CB1-2 U$100.00
CB2 U$95.00
CB3 U$24.50
CE1-2 U$65.00
CE3-4 U$100.00
CE3 U$2.00
CE5-7 U$45.00
CE6 U$13.50
CE8-9 NH$60.00
CE8-9 H$20.00
CE8-9 U$50.00
CE8 NH$26.50
CE9 H$12.00
CO2 U, (with cert.)$5000.00
D1-8 U$500.00
D1-2 U$25.00
D7 U$225.00
D9-14 U$475.00
D9 U$20.00
D11-12 U$60.00
D11 U$40.00
D13 U$175.00
D14 U$175.00
D15-16 U$5.00
D15 U$1.00
D17-18 H$0.30
D17, D19-20 H$3.00
D19-20 H$3.00
D19-20 U$6.00
D19 NH$6.00
E1-5 U$3.00
E1-3 U$2.50
E1 H$28.50
E1 H, MD$10.00
E1 U$0.75
E3-5 U$1.25
E3 U$0.80
E5 U$0.25
E6-8 U$90.00
E6 U$2.50
E7-8 U$95.00
E7 U$90.00
E8 U$5.00
E10 U$15.00
E10 U, MD$4.00
E11 H, MD$10.00
E11 U$1.00
E12 U$65.00
E12 U, Perfin$25.00
E13 U$0.75
E14-15 U$4.00
E14 U$0.25
E16-17 U$95.00
E16 U$1.00
E17 U$95.00
E19-25 U$3.00
E19-25 U, (E20 is H)$3.25
E19-24 U$2.75
E19-23 U$2.50
E19-22, E25 U$0.80
E19-20 H$0.30
E19-20 U$0.35
E20-22 H$10.00
E21 H$1.00
E22-25 U$2.50
E22-24 U$2.25
E22 H$9.00
E23-24 U$2.25
E23 H$1.75
E23 U$2.00
E26 U$13.50
E33-34 U$0.30
E34 U$0.25
E34a NH$0.35
E34a U$0.25
EY1-2 U$0.50
EY1 U$0.40
EY2 U$0.25
EY6-9 NH$85.00
EY6-9 U$0.80
EY7-9 U$0.45
EY7-8 U$0.30
EY7 NG, MD$2.50
EY8-9 U$0.30
J1, J1a H$2000.00
J1 H$1000.00
J1 H, MD$400.00
J1 NG$25.00
J1 U$135.00
J1a H$1000.00
J1a NG$55.00
J1a U$150.00
J2 U$40.00
J3-20 U$150.00
J3-16 U$80.00
J3-11 U$30.00
J3-10 U$29.00
J3-7 U$26.00
J3-6 U$25.00
J3-5 U$23.00
J3 U$8.00
J4-14 U$45.00
J4-11 U$23.50
J4-6 U$17.25
J4-5 U$15.00
J4 H, MD$3.00
J4 U$15.00
J4 U, MD$6.00
J5-13 U$30.00
J5-11 U$7.50
J5-10 U$4.75
J5-8 U$2.25
J5-7 U$1.50
J5-6 U$1.00
J5 NH$3.00
J6-8 U$2.00
J6 U$0.50
J7-11 U$6.25
J7-9 U$3.00
J7 U$0.50
J8-11 U$5.75
J8-9 U$2.25
J8 U$0.80
J9-11 U$5.00
J9 U$1.50
J10 U$0.80
J11 U$2.50
J13-20 U$100.00
J13-19 U$95.00
J13, 15, 17, 19 U$75.00
J13-17 U$65.00
J13-16 U$40.00
J13-15 U$35.00
J13 U$12.00
J13 U, MD$5.00
J14-20 U$100.00
J14-15 U$20.00
J14 U$0.75
J15-16 U$25.00
J15 U$20.00
J15 U, MD$8.00
J16 U$5.50
J17-20 U$75.00
J17-18 NH$500.00
J17-18 U$45.00
J17 U$24.50
J17 U, MD$9.25
J18 U$25.00
J19-20 U$25.00
J19 U$20.00
J19 U, MD$9.50
J19a U$200.00
J20 U$4.50
J21-24 U$125.00
J21, J23 U$75.00
J21 U$50.00
J22 U$28.50
J23 U$25.00
J24 U$10.00
J24 U, MD$5.00
J25-27 U$50.00
J25-27 U, MD$15.00
J25-26 H$375.00
J25-26 U$40.00
J25 U$22.50
J26-27 U$25.00
J26 H$300.00
J26 H, MD$100.00
J26 NG$125.00
J26 U$20.00
J27 H$950.00
J27 U$7.50
J28-40 U$45.00
J28-39 U$13.75
J28-37, J39-40 U$27.00
J28-35 U$8.75
J28-31, J33-38 U$9.75
J29-34 U$3.50
J31-37 U$8.50
J31-35 U$8.00
J31 H$0.50
J33-36 U$8.00
J33-34, J36-37 U$3.00
J33 U$2.75
J44-46 NH$1.00
J44 NH$0.40
J44 H$0.30
J45 H$0.30
J47 U$0.65
J54-56 H$1.50
J54-55 NH$1.50
J55 H$0.60
J57-64 U$45.00
J57-58 U$4.50
J58-59 NH$20.00
J58-59 H$8.00
J58 H$3.50
J58 H, MD$1.50
J58 U$4.25
J59-64 U$40.00
J59 H$4.50
J59 U$12.00
J60-64 U$26.50
J60, J64 U$15.00
J62-64 U$25.00
J63-64 U$20.00
J63 U$5.50
J64 U$15.00
J65-78 U$8.00
J65-77 U$8.25
J69-74 U$6.00
J69-72 U$5.00
J75 NH$45.00
J76 H$15.00
J77 NH$12.00
J83-89 U$100.00
J85 H$100.00
M1-5 H$1.25
M1-2 H$0.60
MC1 U$2.00
MC4 H$2.25
O1-8 U$250.00
O1-8 U, MD$95.00
O1-7 U$175.00
O1-6 U$50.00
O1-5 U$20.00
O1-3 U$7.50
O1 U$3.25
O3 NG$0.50
O3 U$1.00
O5-8 H$100.00
O5-7 H$45.00
O5 U$12.00
O6-8 U$225.00
O6-7 H$40.00
O6 U$32.50
O6 U, MD$10.00
O7-8 H$90.00
O7 U$100.00
O7 U, MD$40.00
O8 U$95.00
P1 H$30.00
P1 H, MD$13.00
P1 NG$15.00
P1 U$70.00
P1 U, MD$25.00
Q1-6 U$250.00
Q1-5 U$225.00
Q1-4 H$225.00
Q1-4 U$175.00
Q1-3 U$165.00
Q1-2 H$225.00
Q1-2 U$150.00
Q1 H$75.00
Q1 NG$35.00
Q1 U$65.00
Q2-6 U$225.00
Q2 H$150.00
Q2 NG$65.00
Q3-6 U$125.00
Q3-5 U$40.00
Q3-4 U$19.50
Q3 U$9.50
Q4 U$9.75
Q5 U$20.00
Q6 U$75.00
Q7-11 U$70.00
Q8-11 U, right halves$2.00
Q8 U, separated halves$0.50
Q10 U, MD, pen cancel$6.00
Q13 U$12.50
Q13 U, Separated$0.50
Q15 U$43.50
Q16 U, left half$1.00
Q32 U, Right Half$0.25
Q38 H$0.80
Q38 H, Separated halves$0.25
Q72a H$20.00
Q74 H$325.00
Q74a NH, w/APS Cert!$650.00
QY3-4 NH$125.00
QY3 U, Left Halve$1.00
QY5-11 H$375.00
QY8 H$175.00
QY8 H, reinforced pair$125.00
QY9-11 H$225.00
QY10 NH$225.00
QY10 H$195.00

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