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Ecuador : B1-C499
Updated: Mar 14, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
C1-5 H$300.00
C2-5 U, On Cover Pieces$175.00
C8-15 H$100.00
C8-13 H$5.25
C8-13 U$2.75
C8-12 U$0.95
C9-12 U$0.80
C9-11 U$0.50
C9-10 U$0.30
C14 H$15.00
C26-31 U$7.00
C27-31 H$30.00
C32 U$15.00
C35-38 H$30.00
C39, C40-42, C51-56 U$2.25
C39-42 U$0.75
C39-41 U$0.50
C43-48 U$19.50
C51-56 U$1.25
C53 NH$5.00
C57-63 H$8.50
C57-63 U$1.50
C57-62 H$4.25
C57-61 H$2.25
C57-59 H$0.75
C57-58 H$0.50
C57 H$0.25
C58-60 H$1.00
C58-59 H$0.50
C59 NH$0.30
C59 H$0.25
C64 NH$0.40
C64 H$0.25
C64 U$0.25
C65-69 H$25.00
C65-69 U$1.50
C65-66 H$2.00
C65 NH$1.00
C65 H$0.85
C66-69 U$1.25
C66 H$1.25
C70-72, C73-79 U$1.65
C70-72 H$2.00
C70-72 U$0.50
C73 NH$0.40
C80-86 U$1.50
C80-82 H$1.00
C80-81 H$0.75
C80 NH$0.50
C80 H$0.35
C81-82 U$0.30
C81 H$0.40
C82 H$0.40
C87-90 H$3.25
C87 NH$0.35
C87 H$0.25
C88 NH$0.35
C89 NH$0.65
C89 H$0.50
C90 NH$2.50
C102-04 NH$8.00
C102-04 H$6.00
C102-03 H$5.50
C111 H$0.25
C121-22 U$1.50
C128-30 H$4.00
C128-30 U$0.50
C131-34 NH$30.00
C135 U$0.25
C139-41 NH$4.00
C139-41 H$3.50
C142-46 H$5.00
C144-46 H$4.50
C152-55 H$1.50
C156-60 H$7.00
C160 H$4.00
C165-171 H$2.50
C165-71 U$1.25
C165-68 U$0.65
C193-97 NH$3.00
C193-97 H$2.50
C210-13 NH$3.00
C214 U$0.25
C221 NH$1.50
C221 U$0.25
C222 U$0.25
C226a NH$15.00
C232a NH, SS$3.25
C232a H, SS$2.75
C233-34 U$0.35
C245-52 U$1.50
C248-52 U$0.80
C253-55 H$1.65
C264-69 NH$1.75
C264-69 U$1.00
C272-76 H$1.00
C272-76 U$0.90
C280-81 NG, Gutter Pairs$0.50
C288 H$1.65
C293 H$2.00
C295 H$2.25
C298-301 U$0.65
C307 NH$0.75
C307 H$0.60
C307 U$0.25
C308-09 H$0.90
C308-09 U$0.35
C310-11 H$2.00
C311 H$1.00
C312a, C314a NH, Shts$2.00
C312a NH, SS$0.75
C315 U$0.25
C319 NH$0.50
C319 H$0.35
C319 U$0.25
C320-23 H$1.00
C321a, C323a H$1.00
C324 H$0.45
C325 U$0.25
C326 NH$0.45
C326 U$0.30
C327-29 NH$1.25
C327-29 NH, Imp Pairs$25.00
C327-29 H$0.90
C327-29 U$0.60
C329 U$0.25
C330 NH, Sheet$2.00
C330 H, Sheet$1.65
C331-33 H$1.25
C334 H$0.25
C338-39 H$0.75
C340-43 U$0.75
C340-41 U$0.35
C340 NH$0.50
C340 H$0.35
C340 U$0.25
C341 NH$0.50
C341 H$0.35
C341 U$0.25
C342 NH, Imp Pair$10.00
C342 H$0.40
C342 U$0.25
C343 NH$0.50
C343 H$0.35
C343 U$0.25
C344-49 NH$1.50
C344-49 H$1.00
C344-49 U$1.00
C344-48 NH$0.90
C344-47 U$0.65
C344, C346-47 U$0.50
C349 U$0.30
C350 NH$0.50
C350 H$0.35
C350 U$0.25
C351 NH$0.50
C351 H$0.35
C351 U$0.25
C352-54 NH$0.75
C352-54 H$0.60
C352-54 U$0.50
C355-59 H$1.50
C356 NH$0.35
C360-64 NH$1.50
C360-64 H$1.00
C360-64 U$0.80
C365-66 NH$0.50
C365-66 H$0.35
C365-66 U$0.35
C367-69 U$0.50
C369 NH$0.35
C373 U$0.35
C375-76 U$0.35
C375 NH$0.50
C375 H$0.35
C375 U$0.25
C376 NH$0.50
C376 H$0.30
C376 U$0.25
C380 NH$0.50
C380 H$0.35
C380 U$0.25
C381-82 NH$0.50
C381-82 H$0.35
C381-82 U$0.35
C383-85 NH$1.65
C383-85 H$1.25
C386-88 U$0.50
C386 NH$0.50
C386 H$0.35
C386 U$0.25
C387 NH$0.50
C387 H$0.35
C387 U$0.25
C388 H$0.40
C388 U$0.25
C389-91 NH$4.50
C392-95 H$1.00
C396-97 H$0.60
C398-400 NH$1.65
C398-400 NH, Imp$20.00
C398-400 H$1.25
C398-400 H, Imp Pairs$38.50
C401-03 H, Imp Pairs$15.00
C404-05 H, Imp Pairs$15.00
C409-11 NH, Imp Pairs$20.00
C409-11 NH, Imp.$10.00
C409-11 H, Imp$8.50
C412 NH, Proof Imp$10.00
C412 NH$0.45
C412 H$0.25
C412 U$0.25
C413 NH, Imp Pair$12.00
C413 H, Imp Pair$10.00
C413 H$0.65
C413 NH, Imp$6.50
C413 H, Imp$5.50
C413 H, Imp Proof$10.00
C416-18 NH, Imp Pairs$6.00
C416-18 NH$0.95
C416-18 H$75.00
C416 U$0.25
C419-21 NH$1.25
C428 U$0.35
C428a NH, SS$2.50
C428a H, SS$2.00
C429-31 NH$4.00
C429-31 H$3.50
C429-31 U$2.50
C431 U$1.00
C431a NH, SS$7.00
C431a H, SS$6.00
C432-34 H$0.80
C432-34 U$0.50
C440a NH, SS of 12$8.50
C441-48 H$15.00
C443 NH, Imp Pair$4.50
C443 H, Imp$1.50
C444-46 U$1.00
C444 U$0.30
C445-48 H, Imp$20.00
C445 NH, Imp Pair$8.00
C446 NH, Imp Pair$8.00
C447 NH, Imp Pair$8.00
C448 NH, Imp Pair$12.00
C448 NH$5.50
C448 H$4.75
C448 U$1.50
C452 U$0.25
C458-59 U$0.35
C458a NH$0.30
C459 NH, (Yellow Shifted)$5.00
C459 NH, Imp Pair (Yellow Omitted)$8.50
C483-84 NH, Imp Pair$10.00
C483-84 NH$1.50
C483-84 H$1.25
C484 NH, Horz Pair, Imp Between$8.50
C487-90 H$4.50
C487-90 U$2.25
C487-89 U$2.00
C487-88 U$1.00
C487 NH, Imp Pair$10.00
C488 NH, Imp Pair$10.00
C488 U$0.35
C489 U$0.65
C490 U$1.00
C492 U$0.30
C495a H, SS$1.00

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