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Canal Zone : C1-End
Updated: Feb 21, 2024

Catalog #PriceAdd
Canal Zone-
C1, C3, C4-5 H$14.00
C1 NH$8.00
C1 H$5.00
C3 NH$3.75
C3 H$1.75
C3 U$1.25
C3 U, Blk/4$5.00
C4-5 H$6.50
C4 NH$8.00
C4 H$4.50
C4 H, MD$1.50
C5 NH$5.50
C5 H$2.50
C5 U$0.75
C6-14 H$16.00
C7-14 H$14.00
C7-14 U$3.50
C7-13 H$8.50
C7-13 U$2.50
C7-12 U$1.75
C7-11 U$1.00
C7-10 H$2.00
C7-10 U$0.85
C7-9 U$0.75
C7-8 U$0.40
C7 NH, w/Plt #$0.65
C7 NH$0.50
C7 H$0.30
C7 U$0.30
C8-14 U$3.25
C8-10 U$0.65
C8-9 H$1.00
C8-9 U$0.40
C8 NH$0.50
C8 NH, Strip/3$1.50
C8 H$0.40
C9-14 NH$15.00
C9-14 H$12.00
C9-14 U$3.00
C9-13 NH$9.00
C9-13 U$1.50
C9-12 U$1.25
C9-11 NH$3.00
C9-11 H$2.50
C9-11 U$0.50
C9-10 H$1.25
C9-10 U$0.40
C9 NH$0.75
C9 NH, Plate # Single$1.00
C9 H$0.50
C9 NH, Plate Block 6$6.50
C10-13 U$2.00
C10-11 U$0.35
C10 NH$0.90
C10 NH, Plate # Single$1.25
C10 H$0.65
C10 U$0.25
C11-14 NH$15.00
C11-14 H$12.00
C11-13 U$1.50
C11-12 U$0.85
C11 NH$1.50
C11 H$1.00
C12-14 NH$14.00
C12 U$0.85
C13-14 H$8.00
C13-14 U$1.75
C13 NH$2.50
C13 H$2.00
C13 U$0.75
C14 NH$7.00
C14 H$5.50
C14 H, MD$2.00
C14 U$0.90
C15-20 NH$70.00
C15-20 H$50.00
C15-20 H, (w/Tropical Stains)$20.00
C15-20 U$30.00
C15-17, C19-20 H$45.00
C17 H, MD$1.25
C17 U$0.65
C18 NH$13.00
C19 H$9.50
C21-31 H$30.00
C21-31 U$12.50
C21-26 H, Blks/4$55.00
C21-26 NH$18.00
C21-26 H$13.00
C21-26 H, (Less C25)$9.75
C21-23 H$1.25
C21-23 U$0.65
C22-23 NH$1.00
C22-23 H$0.75
C22-23 U$0.40
C22 NH$0.35
C22 H$0.25
C26 NH$4.25
C26 H$3.25
C26 U$0.90
C27-31 NH$21.00
C27-31 H$16.50
C27 NH, Plate Blk/4$4.25
C28 NH$0.75
C28 NH, Plate Blk/4$4.00
C28 H$0.50
C28 H, Plate Blk/4$3.50
C28 U$0.30
C30-31 H$12.00
C31 NH, Plate Blk/4$40.00
C31 H$5.00
C32 NH$1.25
C32 NH, Plate Blk/4$7.00
C33 NH$0.45
C33 NH, Plate Blk/4$1.75
C33 H$0.30
C33 U$0.30
C34 NH$0.50
C34 NH, Plate Blk/4$3.00
C34 H$0.30
C34 U$0.25
C35 NH$1.00
C35 NH, Plate Blk/4$8.00
C35 H$0.75
C36-41 NH$8.50
C36-41 H$6.50
C36-40 NH$4.75
C36-39 NH$3.00
C37 NH, Plate Blk/4$2.50
C39 NH, Plate Blk/4$6.00
C40-41 NH$5.00
C40 NH$2.00
C40 NH, Plate Blk/4$9.00
C42-47 NH$4.50
C42-47 H$3.50
C43-47 U$1.25
C43 NH$0.30
C43 NH, Plate Blk/4$2.00
C43 U$0.25
C45-46 NH$1.25
C45 NH$0.60
C46 NH$0.75
C46 NH, Plate Blk/4$3.50
C46 H$0.60
C47 NH$1.75
C47 NH, Plate Blk/4$10.00
C47 H$1.25
C47 U$0.50
C48-53 H$3.00
C48-50 U$0.50
C48-49 NH$0.50
C48-49 U$0.35
C48a-50a NH, Panes$10.00
C48a NH$2.50
C48a NH, Single$0.65
C48a U$2.00
C48a(5) NH, Complete Bklt. 15.00 C49-50 NH$0.75
C49 NH, Plt Blk/4$2.75
C49a NH, Pane$2.50
C49a H, Pane$2.00
C49a NH, Single$0.60
C49a(5) NH, Complete Bklt. 10.00 C50a NH$4.00
C51 NH, Plt Blk/4$6.00
CO1-7 NH$70.00
CO1-03, CO5-07, CO14 U$21.50
CO8-12 U$500.00
J1-3 H$750.00
J1-3 U$65.00
J2 H$150.00
J3 H$550.00
J4 U$3.25
J5 NH$195.00
J7 H$60.00
J9 NH$22.50
J12-14 H$225.00
J13 H$35.00
J14 U$32.50
J15 H$55.00
J15 U$9.75
J16 H$13.50
J16 U$4.00
J17 U$7.00
J18 H$5.00
J20 NH$150.00
J21-24 H$13.50
J21 H$2.50
J25-29 NH$3.00
J25-29 H$2.00
J25-28 H$1.25
J25-27 H$0.50
J25 H$0.25
O1-7, O9 U$27.50
O1-2 NH$6.00
O1 NH$2.00
O1 H$1.00
O9 H$7.50
OX6 NH$2.00
U1 U, Clipped Corner$2.50
U2 H$6.50
U2a U$15.00
UC8 NH, Entire$3.50

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