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Yugoslavia and Areas : Croatia
Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Catalog #PriceAdd
1-8 NH$65.00
1-8 H$40.00
1-4 U$9.00
2 U$2.50
9-23 H$25.00
9-23 NG$16.00
9-23 U$25.00
9 U$0.35
11 U$0.35
12 U$0.35
14 H$0.65
15 U$0.90
17 U$1.00
20 H$3.00
20 U$2.00
24-25 NH$0.75
24-25 H$0.55
24-25 U$0.50
24 U$0.30
26-29 NH$4.50
26-29 U$3.00
28 H$1.00
30-48 NH$15.00
30-48 H$10.00
30-48 U$7.00
30-47 U$4.50
30-38 U$1.75
30a-47a NH, Pairs$50.00
33-44 U$2.50
34-36 U$0.40
36 NH, thin paper$0.30
38 H$1.50
38 U$0.75
42 H$0.30
43 NH$0.70
43 H$0.60
43 U$0.30
44-45 U$0.60
45 NH$0.70
45 H$0.65
45 U$0.30
46 H$0.90
46 U$0.30
47 H$1.50
47 U$0.90
48 NH$3.00
48 H$2.75
49-51 NH$2.00
49-51 H$1.75
49-51 U$1.65
52-53 H$3.00
52 NH$3.25
52 H$2.75
52 U$2.75
53 NH$0.40
53 H$0.30
53 U$0.40
53 NH, Tete Beche Pair$2.50
54-55 NH$1.25
54-55 H$1.00
54-55 U$1.00
54 H$0.50
54 U$0.50
55 NH$0.70
55 H$0.60
55 U$0.65
56-58 NH$1.00
56-58 H$0.85
56-58 U$0.90
57 NH$0.30
59-60 NH$0.85
59-60 H$0.65
59-60 U$0.55
59 U$0.30
60 NH$0.45
60 H$0.40
61-80, + 68a NH$12.00
61-80 NH$9.00
61-80 H$7.50
61-69 H$1.65
68a NH$3.00
68a H$2.50
68a U$3.00
69-80 H$6.00
73 H$0.25
74 H$0.30
75 H$0.35
76-80 U$2.25
77 NH$0.50
78 H$0.85
79 H$1.00
80 H$2.00
81 NH$0.65
81 H$0.50
81 U$1.00
100 NH$0.35
100 NH, Blk/4 $1.25
100 NH, Blk/4 w/ labels$2.00
101 NH$1.25
101 NH, Imp.$3.00
102 NH$0.45
102 NH, Imp.$1.00
103 NH$4.25
103 NH, Corner Blk/4, w/Label$25.00
103 NH, Pair w/label$13.00
104 NH, Blk/4$1.50
104 NH$0.40
107 NH$0.25
109 NH$0.25
110 NH$0.40
127 NH$0.30
134, 137 NH$1.25
154 NH, w/label$1.25
194 NH$0.50
432c-d NH, Booklets$25.00
440a NH, Booklet$8.00
470a NH, Booklet$8.00
493a-95a NH, Booklets$15.00
504a NH, Booklet$9.00
531a NH, Booklet$9.00
555a-7a NH, Booklets$25.00
586 NH, Booklet$10.00
B1-2 H, w/Labels$30.00
B1-2 H$25.00
B1-2 U$30.00
B2 NH; Note (Yugo 1941 Set w/Overprint)$395.00
B2 H; Note (Yugo 142-54 Ovpt. ((missing 3d))$325.00
B3-5 NH, w/Labels$4.00
B3-5 H$3.00
B3-5 U$3.00
B4 H$0.75
B6 H$2.00
B6 U$2.65
B7-10 H$4.50
B7-10 U$5.00
B11-12 NH$65.00
B11 H, SS$30.00
B11a, b U$18.00
B12 H, SS$30.00
B13-15 NH$4.00
B13-15 H$3.50
B13-15 U$3.50
B15 H$1.50
B16-17 NH$2.25
B16-17 H$1.75
B16-17 U$2.00
B16 NH$1.00
B18 NH, Perf & Imp.$33.50
B18 H, Perf$15.00
B18 H, Imp$15.00
B20-24 NH$10.00
B20-24 H$8.75
B20-24 U$9.50
B20 U$1.00
B21 H$1.00
B22 H$1.50
B25-27 NH$10.00
B25-27 H$8.00
B25-27 U$9.75
B28 NH$3.25
B28 H$2.75
B28 U$3.00
B29-30 H, w/Labels$0.85
B29-30 NH$0.90
B29-30 H$0.70
B29-30 U$0.80
B29 NH$0.45
B30 H$0.40
B31 NH, Perf & Imp.$38.50
B31 NH, Perf$19.50
B31 NH, Imp$19.50
B31 NH Perf, MD$7.00
B31 H, Perf$16.50
B31 H, Imp$16.50
B31 H, Single$15.00
B31 U, Perf.$18.00
B33-36 NH$1.25
B33-36 H$1.00
B33-36 U$0.65
B34-35 NH$0.55
B36 NH$0.30
B37 NH, SS, Perf & Imp$10.00
B37 H, SS, Perf & Imp$8.50
B37 NH, SS, Perf$5.00
B37 H, SS, Perf$4.50
B37 NH, SS, Imp$5.00
B37 H, SS, Imp$4.50
B37a-d H, Imp.$3.50
B37a NH, Imp.$1.00
B37b H, Imp.$0.90
B37c NH, Imp.$1.00
B37c H, Perf.$0.90
B37d NH, Imp.$1.00
B39, B41 H$10.00
B39 NH$4.00
B39 H$3.50
B39 H, MD$1.50
B39 U$4.00
B40 NH, SS$10.00
B40 H, SS$8.50
B41 NH$8.50
B41 H$7.00
B41 U$9.00
B42-51 NH$9.50
B42-51 H$8.00
B42-51 U$8.75
B42 H$0.45
B43 NH$0.50
B43 H$0.45
B44 U$0.50
B45-48 H$2.50
B45 NH$0.65
B46 NH$0.65
B49 H, Imp$1.00
B50 H$1.25
B51 NH$2.25
B51 H$2.00
B52-55 NH$2.75
B52-55 H$2.25
B52-55 H, Sheets/9$19.50
B52-55 U$2.50
B52 NH$0.65
B54 NH$0.65
B55 NH$0.65
B56-59 NH$3.00
B56-59 NH, Imp w/Labels$6.00
B56-59 H, w/Labels$3.50
B56-59 H$2.50
B56-59 U$2.65
B60-63 H$7.65
B60-62 NH, Blks/10$5.00
B60-62 NH$0.50
B60-62 H$0.45
B60-62 U$0.50
B63 NH$8.50
B63 H$7.25
B63 H, MD$3.00
B63 U$9.50
B65-68 H, w/Labels$2.25
B65-68 NH$1.50
B65-68 H$1.25
B65-68 H, Pairs w/Label Between$2.75
B65-68 NH, Sheets/8$11.50
B65-68 U$1.50
B65 H$0.30
B66 H$0.30
B69 H$2.75
B70-72 NH$1.00
B70-72 H$0.85
B70-72 U$0.90
B73-75 NH$375.00
B73 NH$125.00
B76 NH, SS$975.00
B77-80 NH$1.25
B77-80 H$0.95
B77-80 H, Sheets/8$7.65
B77-80 U$1.00
B77-79 NH$0.85
B81 NH$8.00
C1 NH$0.35
C2 NH$1.00
C3 NH$0.35
J1-5 NH$30.00
J1-5 U$25.00
J1b NH$12.50
J4 U$1.50
J5 U$8.00
J6-10 U$2.65
J6-8 U$1.25
J6 U$0.35
J7 U$0.30
J11-18 U$2.25
J15-19 H$1.00
J15 U$0.25
J19 H$0.40
J20-25 U$3.00
J20 U$0.25
J22 U$0.35
O1-10 U$2.50
O11, O13, O15-16 H$1.00
O15 H$0.40
RA1 H$0.50
RA2 H$0.50
RA2 U$0.45
RA3-7 NH$1.75
RA3-7 H$1.50
RA3-7 U$1.25
RA3-6 U$0.75
RA3-4 H$0.35
RA3 NH$0.25
RA6 U$0.30
RA7 NH$0.80
RA7 H$0.65
RA7 U$0.60
RA20 NH$0.45
RA20 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$2.50
RA20 NH, Pair w/label$1.25
RA20c NH$0.65
RA20c NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.75
RA20c NH, Pair w/label$2.00
RA21 NH$0.50
RA21 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA21 NH, Pair w/label$1.50
RA21a NH, Imp$0.85
RA21a NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA21a NH, Pair w/label$2.00
RA22 NH$0.50
RA22 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA22 NH, Pair w/label$1.50
RA22a NH$0.85
RA22a NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA22a NH, Pair w/label$2.50
RA23 NH$0.50
RA23 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA23 NH, Pair w/label$2.50
RA23a NH$0.85
RA23a NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$6.00
RA23a NH, Pair w/label$2.50
RA24 NH$0.35
RA25 NH$0.50
RA25 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$2.50
RA25 NH, Pair w/label$1.50
RA25a NH$0.85
RA25a NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA25a NH, Pair w/label$1.50
RA32 NH$0.80
RA32 NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$3.50
RA32 NH, Pair w/label$1.75
RA32a NH$1.00
RA32a NH, Corner Block/4, w/label$6.00
RA32a NH, Pair w/label$2.75
Michael #24-38 NH$675.00

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