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Bhutan : 1-499
Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Catalog #PriceAdd
1-7 H$4.00
3 H$1.15
7 NH$1.65
8-9 H$4.25
10-12 H$2.00
13-14 H$2.00
14 NH$1.50
15-23 NH$4.50
15-23 H$3.50
15-23 U$3.25
24-30 H$3.50
24-30 H, Imp$10.00
29a NH, SS$9.00
29a H, SS - Imp$7.50
31-33 H$2.75
31-33 H, Imp$12.00
33a NH, SS, Perf$5.50
33a NH SS, Imp$5.50
34-41 NH$4.25
42-46 H$4.25
47-52 NH$4.50
47-52 H, Imp$3.00
52a NH, SS, Perf.$5.50
52a NH, SS - Imp$5.50
53-55 NH, Imp., From SS$2.50
53-55 H$1.50
53-55 U$1.65
53-54 NH$0.60
54-55 NH, SS, Perf$2.75
54-55 NH, SS, Imp$2.75
55 U$0.65
55 NH, Note: 2 SSís$5.00
55a NH$2.75
55a H, Sheets Ė Perf & Imp$4.50
56-67 H$8.00
56-67 NH, Imp$17.50
62 U$0.80
65 NH$1.25
72-73 NH$18.50
76-82 NH$17.00
77 NH$3.00
83-83H NH, Coins$23.00
84-84N, NH$9.00
84-84N, H$7.00
84-84E, NH$0.85
84-84D, H$0.65
84G -84 H, NH$0.35
84H H$0.40
84 NH$0.30
84A NH$0.30
84B NH$0.30
84C NH$0.30
84D NH$0.30
84E NH$0.30
84G NH$0.30
84H NH$0.30
84H U, Pair$0.45
84M-84N NH$2.75
85-85H, NH$6.50
85B-85C NH$0.50
86-86E, NH$4.50
86-86E, H$3.50
86-86E NH, Imp$4.50
86Ef NH, SS$5.50
87-87B H$2.50
87c H, Imperf$4.50
88-88B NH$3.00
88Bc, NH, SS, Perf$3.75
88Bc, NH, SS, Imp$5.00
89-89E H$3.75
89Ef, NH, SS, Perf$5.00
89Ef, NH, SS, Imp$5.50
89Ef, H, SS, Imp$5.00
90-90E, NH, Perf$5.50
90-90E, NH, Imp$5.25
90-90E, H$4.00
90Ef NH, SS - Perf$5.50
90Ef, NH, SS, Imp.$7.00
90Ef, H, SS, Imp.$5.00
91-91K NH$22.50
91A, 91C, 91E-J NH$14.50
91A, 91C, 91D, 91F NH$2.25
91-91G U, on FDC$6.00
91Cm NH, SS$5.50
91Gn NH, SS$8.50
91Gn H, SS$7.00
91K, NH$6.75
91Ko NH, SS$14.00
92-92I NH$5.50
92-92I NH, Imp$11.00
92, 92B-92D NH$0.75
92-92D, H$0.75
93-93G NH, Tete-Beche Pairs$15.00
93D-G NH$6.00
94-94N NH$8.75
94-94D, H$1.00
95-95G NH/H$18.00
95Gi NH, SS$15.00
96-96O NH$10.00
96Cp, 96Gq, 96Mr, 96Os NH, SSís$11.00
96gQ NH, SS$1.65
96L-96M, NH$2.25
97-97G NH$2.00
97-97G NH, Imp$50.00
97 NH$0.30
97A NH$0.30
97B NH$0.30
97C NH$0.30
97D NH$0.30
97E NH$0.30
97F NH$0.30
97G H$0.45
97Gh NH, SS$1.75
97Gh NH, SS - Imp$2.00
97Gh, H, SS, Imp.$1.65
98-98B NH, Coins$8.75
99-99N NH$8.50
99-99N H, Imp$10.00
99-99H, H$1.50
99I, 99K-99N, NH$5.50
99-99D, H$0.75
100-100B, H$4.25
100-100E NH$15.00
100A NH$1.50
100Ef NH, SS$12.50
101-101G NH$16.00
101Ch, 101Gi NH, SS$25.00
101Ch, NH, SS$15.00
101Gi, NH, SS$13.00
102-102G, NH$2.00
102-102G NH, Imp$4.00
102 U$0.25
103-103K H$14.50
103-3G NH$6.00
103-3F, NH$4.25
103-3D, NH$2.00
103-3G H$6.00
103Bm, 103Cn, 103Fo, 103Gp, 103Jq, 103Kr NH, SSís$20.00
103D, 103F NH$1.65
104-104G NH$27.50
104Ch, 104Gi NH, SSís$45.00
104Ch NH, SS$25.00
104Gi NH, SS$25.00
105-5D, NH$50.00
105-05D, 105E NH$100.00
105E NH, SS, Perf$50.00
105E NH, SS, Imp$50.00
106 NH$0.60
108-108K NH$20.00
108-108G, NH$6.50
108-108G, H$5.50
108Cm, 108Gn, 108Ko NH, SSís$45.00
108E, F H$1.50
108G, NH$2.75
109-109G NH$14.00
109-09C NH$5.00
109Ch, 109Gi, NH, SSís$18.50
110-113 NH$2.75
110-113 NH, Imp$7.00
114-114O NH$9.50
114A, NH$0.30
114B, NH$0.30
114Cp, 114Jq, 114Kr, 114Os NH, SSís$13.50
114C, NH$0.30
114D, NH$0.30
114E, NH$0.30
114H, NH$0.50
115A-115E, 115G, 115J-115P, 115R Most NH$50.00
116-16L NH$23.00
116B, NH$1.00
116C, NH$1.00
116E, NH$1.00
116F, NH$2.50
116H, NH$2.25
116H, H$1.75
116I, NH$3.50
117-117V NH$65.00
118-118K NH$23.50
118-118G NH$9.00
118 NH$0.50
118A, NH$0.50
118Cm, 118Gn, 118Ko NH, SSís$38.50
118C, NH$0.75
118D, NH$1.00
118E, NH$1.50
119-25 NH/H$6.00
126-126G NH$20.00
126Ch, 126Gi NH, SSís$15.00
126Ch NH, SS, MD$1.75
126Gi NH, SS MD$4.00
126E, NH$4.00
127-127C NH$8.00
127Cd NH, SS$15.00
128-128S NH$20.00
128 NH$0.50
128K, NH$0.65
128S U, on cover piece$1.25
129-129L NH$60.00
130-33, C21-23 H$2.00
130-33, C21-23 U$2.00
130-33, C21-23 H, Imp$3.50
130-33 H, Imp.$1.50
130-33 U$0.80
134-39 NH, Perf$2.75
134-39 H, Perf$2.50
134-39 NH, Imp$5.00
134-39 U, Perf$2.50
139 U, Perf$1.50
139a NH, SS$3.25
139a H, SS$2.75
140-43, C24-26 NH, Perf$3.00
140-43, C24-26 NH, Imp$6.50
140-43, C24-26 H, Imp$6.00
140-43 U$1.00
144-44G NH$9.00
144Dh, 144Gi NH, SSís$10.00
144Dh, SS, NH$5.50
145-145E NH$6.00
145-145B NH$1.75
145Ef NH, SS$5.50
146-46C, NH$0.75
146-46C, H$0.50
147-47G, NH, Perf$2.50
147-47G, NH, Imp$4.00
147-147G H, Imp$3.50
147Gh, NH, SS, Perf$2.00
147Gh, NH, SS, Imp$4.00
148-148G NH$13.50
148Dh NH, SS$12.00
148Gi NH, SS$19.00
149-149M H$4.50
149-149M H, Imp$6.50
149N NH$5.50
149N NH, Imp$5.50
149B-49D NH$0.50
149B-D, NH, Imp$0.70
149G, 149I Imp$0.80
149-49F, H$0.85
149Lo, NH, SS, Perf$4.25
149Lo NH, SS, Imp$6.00
149Mp NH, SS, Perf$3.75
149Mp NH, SS, Imp$5.00
149M NH, Imp$2.00
149N, NH, SS$8.00
149N, NH, Imp$8.00
150-150E NH$3.00
150-150E NH, Imp$7.00
150Ef NH$2.50
150Ef NH, Imp$5.50
151-151E NH$15.00
151Cf NH, SS$8.50
152-152F NH, (Record Set)$295.00
152A NH$15.00
152D NH$35.00
152E NH$50.00
153-153D NH$12.50
153De NH, SS$14.00
154-154E NH$16.00
155-55G NH$3.50
155-155G NH, Imp$5.00
155-55C, H$0.50
155C, NH$0.30
155D, NH$0.30
155Gh NH, SS$4.00
155Gh NH, Imp, SS$4.50
157-61 NH$1.25
162 NH, SS$2.00
162 NH, Imp - SS$2.00
163 NH, SS$2.00
163 NH, SS - Imp$2.00
164-68, C27-29 NH$4.00
164-68, C27-29 NH, Imp$4.25
164-67 NH$1.65
169-72 NH$1.00
172a NH$2.00
173-80 H$2.50
181 NH, SS$2.00
182-83 NH, Sht/5 Sets$20.00
182-83 NH, Se tenant$4.00
183a NH, SS$4.25
184-192 NH$3.25
185 NH$0.30
186 NH$0.30
193 NH, SS$3.00
193 H, SS$2.50
194-202 NH, Coins$15.00
203-10 NH$2.75
203-7 H$0.75
203-04 NH$0.35
203 NH$0.30
211 NH, SS$2.50
212-19 NH$3.50
212-16 NH$0.90
212 NH$0.30
213 NH$0.30
220 NH$2.00
220A-220K NH$9.75
220A-G, NH$2.00
220A-G, H$1.65
220A, NH$0.30
220C, NH$0.30
220D, NH$0.30
220E, NH$0.30
220G, NH$0.30
220L&M NH, SSís$12.50
221-28 NH$3.75
221-24 NH$0.70
221 NH$0.30
222 NH$0.30
238-39 NH$2.00
240-43, 245-46 NH$22.50
240-46 NH$26.00
240 NH$3.00
240 NH, SS 1 of 7$5.25
241 NH, SS 2 of 7$5.25
246 NH, Note; 7 Souvenir Shts$35.00
252-69, C31-38 NH$85.00
289-91 NH$3.75
291a NH, SS$5.00
292-93 NH$2.50
294-304 NH$6.00
305-08 NH$5.00
308 U$2.25
309 NH, SS$7.50
310-16 NH$4.25
317-20 NH$6.50
318 NH, Sheet 5 + Label$6.00
318 NH$1.50
319 NH, Sheet 5 + Label$10.00
319 NH$2.25
321 NH$2.00
322-25 NH$5.50
326 NH, SS$5.00
327-30 NH, Sheets/5 NH$24.50
327-30 NH, + Labels$5.50
327-30 NH$5.00
331-31A NH$8.50
332-33 NH$17.50
334 NH$11.00
334 H$9.50
335-38 NH$8.50
339 NH$5.50
340-48 NH$5.75
349-50 NH, SSís$9.00
351-58 NH$6.25
359-60 NH$6.50
361-62 NH$8.50
361B H$3.25
363 NH, SS$5.25
375-78 NH$6.50
379-80 NH, SSís$11.00
381-85 NH$11.50
386-89 NH$6.00
390 NH$5.25
391-96 NH$4.50
396a NH, SSís$5.00
397-405 NH$5.50
406-07 NH, SSís$7.50
408-11 NH$4.00
412 NH$4.50
413-16 NH$4.50
417-19 NH, SSís$16.50
420-27 NH$9.00
428-31 NH$14.00
440-41 NH, SSís$7.00
442-48 NH$5.00
449 NH$4.75
450-53 NH$7.00
454 NH$4.25
455-58 NH$11.00
459 NH$7.75
460-68 NH$5.00
469-70 NH, SSís$8.50
469-70 H, SS$7.00
471-74 NH$12.50
475 NH$7.50
480 H$6.50
481-84 NH, Sheets 5/ea.$30.00
481-84 NH, Imp$6.00
485-485A NH$6.00
485A H$2.75
486-94 NH$4.75
495-500 NH$2.00

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