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Australian Antarctic Territory : All
Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Catalog #PriceAdd
Australian Antarctic Territory-
L1-5 NH$10.00
L1-5 H$5.00
L1-5 U$5.00
L1-3 NH$4.00
L1-2 NH$2.00
L1-2 U$0.85
L2 NH$1.75
L2 H$0.75
L2 U$0.65
L3 NH$2.00
L3 U$1.25
L4 NH$1.00
L4 U$0.50
L5 NH$5.50
L5 H$2.75
L6-7 NH$1.00
L6-7 U$0.50
L6 U$0.30
L7 NH$0.50
L7 H$0.25
L7 U$0.30
L8-18 NH$30.00
L8-18 H$20.00
L8-10, L12-18 H$19.50
L8-16 H$13.50
L14-18 H$18.00
L15-18 U$13.50
L15 NH$5.50
L17 U$2.75
L18 H$9.00
L19-20 NH$3.75
L19-20 H$3.00
L20 U$2.25
L21-22 NH$3.75
L21-22 H$3.00
L21-22 U$3.50
L22 U, Blk/4, On FDC$12.50
L23-34 NH$7.00
L23-34 H$5.50
L23-29 H$3.00
L33 U, GP$1.00
L34 U, Gutt. Pr.$2.50
L35-36 NH$0.85
L35-36 NH, GP$1.75
L35-36 H$0.60
L37-52 NH$7.00
L37-52 NH, GP$14.00
L37-52 H$5.50
L37-41 H$1.50
L37-38, L40, L41-42, L44, L47-50 NH$4.00
L37, L42, L44, L47, L52 U$3.50
L37 NH$0.30
L37 U$0.25
L38, L40, L42, L48-50 U, on FDC$3.50
L38, L40, L42, L48-50 U, Blks/4 ea on FDC$14.50
L38 NH$0.30
L40 NH$0.30
L41 NH$0.75
L42-43 U$0.85
L42 U$0.25
L43-44 U$0.85
L43 NH$0.30
L44-52 H$4.00
L44 NH$0.30
L44 U$0.30
L45-48 U$2.75
L45 NH$0.35
L46 NH$0.35
L46 H$0.25
L47 NH$0.40
L47 U$0.85
L47-51 NH$2.50
L48-50 NH$1.75
L48 NH$0.60
L49 NH$0.60
L49 U$0.85
L50 NH$0.60
L50 U$0.65
L51 NH$0.70
L52 NH$1.50
L52 U$2.00
L53-54 NH$1.00
L53-54 NH, GP$2.00
L53-54 H$0.75
L53-54 U$1.00
L53 U$0.25
L55 NH$2.50
L55 NH, Comp. Bklt.$3.50
L55 H$1.75
L55 U$2.25
L55 U, on FDC$2.25
L56 NH$0.45
L56 U$0.35
L56 U, on FDC$0.35
L57-58 NH$1.50
L57-58 H$1.00
L57-58 U$1.65
L57-58 U, on FDC$1.65
L57-58 U, Blks/4 ea on 2 FDC’s$6.50
L57 U$0.35
L60-74 NH$8.00
L60-74 U, on 3 FDC’s$6.50
L60-74 U, Blks/4 ea on 15 FDS’s$25.00
L60, L62-64, L67-70, L73-74 NH$5.00
L61, L65-66, L71-72 NH$2.75
L64 H$0.25
L65-67 U$0.80
L65-66 NH$0.65
L65 NH$0.30
L66-67 U$0.60
L66 NH$0.45
L66 H$0.30
L66 U$0.30
L67 NH$0.40
L67 U$0.30
L68 NH$0.45
L68 H$0.30
L69 NH$0.50
L69 U$0.50
L70 NH$0.75
L70 H$0.50
L71-72 NH$2.00
L71 NH$0.90
L71 H$0.75
L71 U$0.75
L72 NH$1.00
L72 U$0.80
L73 U$0.80
L74 NH$1.25
L74 NH, “Specimen”$1.75
L74 H$0.95
L74 U$0.90
L75 NH$0.75
L75 H$0.50
L75 U$0.50
L75 U, on FDC$0.50
L75 U, Blk/4 on FDC$2.25
L76 NH$4.25
L76 H$3.50
L76 U, on FDC$4.00
L76a-e U$3.50
L76a U$0.65
L76e U$0.65
L77-80 NH$4.00
L77-80 U, FDC’s on 4 Antarctica Postcards$4.00
L77-80 U, FDC’s$4.00
L77-80 U, Blks/4 ea on 4 FDC’s$16.00
L79 U$1.00
L81-82 U$1.50
L82 U$1.00
L83-89 NH$9.75
L83-87 U$5.50
L83 NH$0.50
L84 NH$0.90
L85 NH$1.00
L86 NH$1.00
L86A U$1.00
L87 H$1.00
L90-93 NH$5.00
L94, L96a, L97 NH$4.00
L94 U$0.50
L97a NH, SS$5.50
L97b NH, SS$45.00
L97c NH, SS$28.50
L99a-101 NH$5.50
L100 U$1.65
L101 U$1.50
L103a, L104-06 NH$6.75
L104-6 NH$5.00
L105 U$1.50
L107-08 U$1.25
L108a, L109-10 NH$7.00
L112a-L114 NH$6.50
L116a NH$3.50
L117 NH, SS$13.00
L118 NH$4.75
L119 NH$5.00
L119a, c NH$1.50
L121a-23 NH$5.75
L123 U$2.50
L124-27 U, on FDC$8.00
L125a, L126-27 NH$6.75
L128 NH$0.75
L129a-31a NH$6.75
L132-35 NH$4.00
L133a-35a NH$5.50
L132-35 U, on FDC$6.00
L139a NH$4.00
L140-43 NH$4.00
L141a, 143a NH$6.50
L143b NH, Sheet$8.00
L148-49 NH$4.75
L149a U$3.00
L151a-53a NH$6.50
L153b NH, SS$4.25
L154 NH$3.50
L154a-d NH$3.00
L159 NH, Strip$5.00
L159f NH, SS$6.75
L160-62 NH$7.50
L165a-67a NH$8.50
L160a, L170-71 NH$6.50
L183a, L184-85a NH$5.50
L185b NH, SS$5.25
L191b U, SS$3.50
L209a-L211a NH$6.50
L212-14 NH$4.50

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