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Mexico : C401-End
Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Catalog #PriceAdd
C401-02 H$0.35
C402 NH$0.30
C403-05 H$0.50
C405 NH$0.30
C406-08 H$0.85
C406 NH$0.30
C408 NH$0.50
C409-11 H$0.85
C410-11 NH$0.75
C412 NH$0.30
C412 H$0.25
C417-21 NH$0.90
C417-18 H$0.75
C417-19 U$0.40
C417-18, C420-21 H$0.55
C417 NH$0.30
C418 NH$0.30
C419 NH$0.30
C421 NH$0.30
C423-25 H$0.45
C423 NH$0.30
C424 NH$0.30
C424 H$0.25
C426 NH$0.30
C427 NH$0.30
C429 NH$0.30
C429 U$0.25
C430-33 H$0.60
C430-31 NH$0.35
C430 NH$0.30
C432 NH$0.30
C432 H$0.25
C433 NH$0.30
C434 NH, SS$2.50
C434 H, SS$2.25
C435-38 H$0.60
C435-36 NH$0.35
C435 NH$0.30
C436 NH$0.30
C437-38 NH$0.35
C437-38 H$0.30
C438 NH$0.30
C442 NH$0.30
C445 NH$0.65
C446-47 H$4.25
C446 NH$2.00
C447-50 U$1.00
C447-49 H$3.50
C447 NH$2.00
C447 H$1.75
C448-50 H$3.00
C448 NH$0.70
C448 H$0.60
C449 NH$1.25
C450 NH$1.50
C450 H$1.25
C451 NH$10.00
C456-59 H$0.60
C456-58 NH$0.50
C456 NH$0.30
C456 H$0.25
C457 NH$0.30
C458 NH$0.30
C459 NH$0.30
C459 H$0.25
C460-63 H$0.60
C460 NH$0.30
C460 H$0.25
C461 NH$0.30
C461 H$0.25
C462 NH$0.30
C462 H$0.25
C463 NH$0.30
C464-67 H$0.65
C464 NH$0.30
C465 NH$0.30
C466 NH$0.30
C467 NH$0.30
C468-70 H$0.50
C468 NH$0.30
C469 NH$0.30
C470 NH$0.30
C470 H$0.25
C471A NH$750.00
C472 NH$0.45
C474 NH$1.00
C474 H$0.75
C474 U$0.65
C476-77 H$3.75
C476 NH$1.00
C476 H$0.85
C476 U$0.65
C477 NH$3.50
C477 H$3.00
C477 U$2.00
C479 NH$3.00
C479 H$2.50
C479 U$1.50
C486-93, C496 H$1.25
C486-93 NH$1.25
C486 NH$0.30
C491 NH$0.30
C491a NH$0.70
C493 NH$0.45
C497 NH$1.00
C513-17 NH$0.90
C513-17 H$0.75
C513 NH$0.30
C518-21 H$0.60
C518 NH$0.30
C519 NH$0.30
C520 NH$0.30
C520 H$0.25
C521 NH$0.30
C521 H$0.25
C522-25 H$0.60
C523 NH$0.30
C524 NH$0.30
C525 NH$0.30
C525 H$0.25
C526, C532-33 H$0.50
C526 NH$0.30
C527-31 NH$0.75
C527-31 H$0.50
C527 NH$0.30
C530 NH$0.30
C531 NH$0.30
C532 NH$0.30
C532 H$0.25
C534-36 NH$0.65
C534-36 H$0.50
C534-35 NH$0.45
C534-35 H$0.35
C535 NH$0.30
C536 NH$0.30
C537-40 H$0.65
C537-39 NH$0.60
C539 NH$0.30
C540-42 NH$0.60
C540 NH$0.30
C541-44 H$0.65
C541-42 NH$0.40
C541 NH$0.30
C543-47 NH$0.85
C543 NH$0.30
C545-47 H$0.45
C545 NH$0.30
C546 NH$0.30
C547 NH$0.30
C548-52 NH$0.90
C548-52 H$0.65
C549-52 NH$0.70
C549 NH$0.30
C553-55 NH$0.65
C553-55 H$0.50
C553-54 NH$0.40
C553-54 H$0.30
C553 NH$0.30
C555 NH$0.30
C556-58 H$0.50
C556-57 NH$0.50
C557 NH$0.30
C558-60 NH$0.50
C558 NH$0.30
C559-62 H$0.65
C559-60 NH$0.40
C559-60 H$0.30
C560 NH$0.30
C561-62 NH$0.40
C561-62 H$0.30
C562 NH$0.30
C563-67 H$0.85
C563-64 NH$0.40
C564 NH$0.30
C565-67 NH$0.60
C565-67 H$0.50
C566 NH$0.30
C567 NH$0.30
C569 NH$0.30
C570-73 NH$0.80
C570-72 NH$0.60
C570-72 H$0.50
C571 NH$0.30
C572 NH$0.30
C573 NH$0.30
C574-76 H$0.65
C575 NH$0.30
C576-78 NH$0.60
C576 NH$0.30
C577-80 H$0.70
C577-78 NH$0.45
C577-78 H$0.30
C578 NH$0.30
C579-80 NH$0.45
C579-80 H$0.30
C581-84 H$0.70
C581-82 NH$0.45
C581-82 H$0.30
C581 NH$0.30
C583-84 NH$0.45
C584 NH$0.35
C584 H$0.30
C585-88 H$0.65
C585 NH$0.30
C586 NH$0.30
C587 NH$0.30
C588 NH$0.30
C588 H$0.25
C589-91 H$0.60
C589 NH$0.30
C589 H$0.25
C590-91 NH$0.45
C590-91 H$0.30
C591 H$0.25
C592 NH$0.30
C593 NH$0.30
C599 NH$0.30
C599 H$0.25
C600 NH$0.30
C601 NH$3.25
C602 NH$0.65
C602 H$0.50
C602 U$0.50
C603 NH$4.25
C604 NH$0.30
C606-07 NH$0.45
C606 NH$0.30
C607 NH$0.30
C608 NH, SS$1.50
C609-10 NH$0.45
C611 NH$0.30
C612-13 NH$0.45
C612 NH$0.30
C613 NH$0.25
C614 NH, SS$1.25
C617 NH$0.30
C618-19 NH$0.45
C619 NH$0.30
C620 NH, SS$3.25
C621 NH$0.30
C622 NH$0.30
C627-31 NH$0.85
C627-29 NH$0.50
C629 NH$0.30
C631 NH$0.30
C632-33 NH$0.35
C634 NH$0.30
C636 NH$0.30
CO3-9 H$325.00
CO11 U$1.25
CO12-15 H$6.50
CO16 H$0.50
CO20 H$15.00
CO20 NG$10.00
CO21 NH$495.00
CO22-24 U$3.00
CO22 H$13.50
CO30 H, w/Cert.$95.00
CO30 H, Signed$80.00
CO30a U$195.00
E1 H$45.00
E2 U$0.25
E4 U$0.30
E5-6 U$0.30
E5 U$0.25
E7 U$0.25
E8 U$0.25
E9 U$0.25
E10-11 H$1.50
E10-11 U$0.75
E11 H$1.25
E11 U$0.65
E12 U$3.25
E13 U$1.25
E14-15 H$0.60
E14 H$0.30
E14 U$0.30
E16-17 H$0.35
E16 NH$0.30
E16 U$0.25
E18-19 H$1.25
E18 NH$0.60
E18 H$0.50
E18 U$0.25
E19 NH$0.90
E20 NH$0.45
E20 U$0.25
E22 NH$2.50
E22 U$1.50
E25 NH$0.35
E25 U$0.25
E27 H$0.25
G1-3 H$8.00
G1-3 U$1.50
G1 H$1.00
G4-6 H$11.00
G4 U$1.00
G6 U$0.50
G7 U$0.60
G10-12 U$0.80
G10-11 H$2.50
G15-18 NH$1.50
G15-16 NH$0.35
G15-16 H$0.30
G15 NH$0.30
G16-17 NH$0.45
G16-17 H$0.40
G16 NH$0.30
G17 NH$0.30
G26-27 NH$1.50
G27 NH$1.00
G28 NH$1.00
G31-33 NH$6.75
G31-32 NH$4.00
G31 NH$1.00
G32 NH$3.00
G39 NH$1.75
J1 U$2.00
J2, J5 U$4.00
JX9-18 H$13.50
JX9 H, w/CHIAPAS Ovpt.$0.35
JX10-11 U, w/CHIAPAS Ovpt.$50.00
JX10 U, w/Veracruz Ovpt.$19.50
JX11 NH$0.65
JX12 H$0.60
JX20 H, w/Veracruz Ovpt.$0.65
JX20 H$0.60
JX20 U$32.50
JX21 U$32.50
JX22-25 H$225.00
JX23-25 H$82.00
JX23 H$0.60
JX24 H$75.00
JX25 H$0.35
JX26-31 H$2.00
JX26-28 H$1.00
JX27-31 H$1.50
JX27 H$0.30
Note: 1884 Year Set of 8 H$45.00
Note: JX31 H$1.25
O2 H$0.60
O2 U$0.50
O2 U, MD$0.25
O13a H$25.50
O15-18 H$150.00
O18 H, Blk. Stamp, Red Ovpt.$20.00
O20 H$125.00
O22 U$350.00
O23-29 U$315.00
O33 U$40.00
O37 U$12.00
O38 U$19.50
O40-48A U$500.00
O42-44, O46-47 U$50.00
O49-58 U$100.00
O59-64 U$35.00
O65-73 U$165.00
O65-71 U$55.00
O75-84 H$95.00
O85 H$195.00
O85 U$80.00
O103-10 H$150.00
O113-20 U$300.00
O117 U$60.00
O130 H$28.50
O131-33 U$70.00
O137-41 H$95.00
O137 U$13.50
O138 U$8.00
O144 H, w/Cert.$365.00
O145-47 U$2.50
O145 U$1.50
O145a H$0.60
O150 U$0.50
O154 U$250.00
O155-57 U$2.00
O155 H$1.00
O156, O157 U$1.25
O156 U$0.60
O158-60 U$4.00
O158-59 U$2.75
O158 H$1.00
O158 U$0.50
O159 U$2.25
O162-63 H$30.00
O165 H$4.25
O168-76 H$70.00
O177-84 H$20.00
O177-78 H$0.85
O179 U$1.00
O185 H$3.50
O191-94 H$575.00
O191 H$100.00
O192 H$100.00
O193 H$225.00
O193a H, w/Cert.$250.00
O193a H$225.00
O194 H$125.00
O195 H$200.00
O196-97 H$27.50
O214-15 H$1.00
O214 H$0.45
O219 NH$0.75
O219 U$0.65
O224-31 H$8.75
O224-27, O229 H$4.65
O225 H$0.75
O226 U$1.00
O227 NH$0.85
O227 H$0.75
O228, O230-32 U$12.50
O228 H$1.00
Q1-2 H$2.75
Q1 U$0.25
Q2 H$1.00
Q7 NH$3.50
Q7 H$3.00
Q8 H$2.50
Q9-10 H$5.00
Q9-10 U$1.50
Q9 H$2.50
Q10 NH$3.00
RA1 U$0.25
RA3 H$45.00
RA3 U$12.50
RA4-6 H$0.65
RA5 U$0.25
RA6-8 H$0.70
RA6-7 H$0.50
RA6-7 U$0.30
RA6 H$0.25
RA7-8 U$0.35
RA7 NH$0.30
RA7 H$0.25
RA7 U$0.25
RA8-9 H$0.60
RA8 U$0.25
RA8d H, Single$15.00
RA10-11 NG$0.70
RA10-11 U$0.65
RA10 NH$0.50
RA10 H$0.25
RA10 U$0.30
RA11 U$0.40
RA13 H$0.25
RA13 U$0.30
RA13a H$30.00
RA13B H$0.25
RA13B U$0.25
RA14 NH$1.00
RA14 U$0.25
RA14a H, Single$1.75
RA14a H, Imp Pair$4.00
RA14A NG$1.25
RA14a U, Single$1.75
RA15-16 U$0.35
RA15 H$0.30
RA15 U$0.25
RA16-17 H$0.90
RA16 U$0.25
RA17 NH$0.40
RA17 U$0.25
RA18 U$3.25

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