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Chile : C150-End
Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Catalog #PriceAdd
C151 H$0.35
C153 H$15.00
C153 U$3.25
C155-56 H$0.30
C155 NH$0.30
C158-59 H$0.30
C159 U$0.25
C160-64 U$0.65
C161-64 U$0.50
C161-62 U$0.30
C162-64 U$0.40
C162 U$0.25
C163-64 U$0.35
C164 U$0.25
C165 U$0.35
C166 U$0.30
C166 NH, Souv. Card as noted after C166$5.00
C168 NH$2.00
C168 H$1.65
C168 U$0.65
C170 NH$0.30
C170 U$0.25
C171 NH$0.30
C171 U$0.25
C172 NH$1.25
C172 H$0.90
C173 NH$1.00
C173 H$0.85
C173 U$0.80
C174-76 H$0.35
C174-75 NH$0.40
C174-75 H$0.25
C174 NH$0.30
C175 NH$0.30
C176 U$0.25
C179 NH$4.50
C179 U$0.60
C180 H$4.50
C183-89 U$1.25
C183 U$0.25
C184-85 U$0.30
C184 U$0.25
C185-89 U$0.65
C185-88 U$0.50
C185 U$0.25
C186-89 U$0.50
C186 U$0.25
C187 U$0.25
C188 U$0.25
C189 U$0.25
C190-91 NH$1.25
C190-91 H$1.00
C190-91 U$0.65
C190 NH$0.30
C191 U$0.65
C191 Note SS H$45.00
C192 U$0.25
C194 H$0.30
C194 U$0.45
C194a NH - SS, Note$30.00
C195 U$0.25
C195a NH, Note: SS/2$90.00
C195a H, MD - Note: SS/2$30.00
C199-200 H$2.50
C199-200 U$1.25
C199 U$0.25
C200 U$1.25
C206 NH$0.30
C207 NH$0.60
C208-09 NH$0.65
C208 U$0.25
C213 NH, Note: SS/2$35.00
C213 NH$0.30
C213 H$0.25
C213 U$0.25
C214 NH$0.50
C214 H$0.35
C214 U$0.25
C215 NH$0.35
C215 H$0.25
C215 U$0.25
C217 H$0.30
C217 U$0.25
C218 NH$0.35
C218 U$0.25
C218 H, Note: SS/2$50.00
C219 NH, Note: SS/2$30.00
C219 NH$0.30
C220A NH$0.35
C220B NH$0.30
C220Da NH - SS, Note$30.00
C221 NH$0.35
C221 U$0.25
C221 NH, Note: SS/1$9.00
C222-28 U$1.00
C222-26 NH$0.75
C222-26 H$0.65
C222 NH$0.30
C223-27 H$0.75
C223 NH$0.30
C223 H$0.25
C225 NH$0.30
C226 NH$0.30
C229 NH$1.25
C234 NH$0.30
C236-37 NH$0.50
C238 NH$0.30
C239-40 NH$0.50
C239 NH$0.30
C245-48 U$0.75
C245-47 U$0.65
C245 NH$0.65
C245 H$0.50
C245 U$0.40
C246-49 H$0.65
C246-47 NH$0.35
C246-47 H$0.30
C246-47 U$0.30
C247 NH, Note: SS/4$8.00
C248 NH$0.30
C248 U$0.25
C249 NH$0.30
C249 H$0.25
C249 U$0.25
C250 NH$0.35
C250 U$0.25
C254-55 U$0.30
C254 NH$0.35
C254 H$0.25
C254 U$0.25
C255 NH$0.35
C255 H$0.25
C255 U$0.25
C256 H$0.25
C256 U$0.25
C257-58 NH$0.45
C257-58 H$0.35
C257-58 U$0.35
C259-63 H$0.75
C259 NH$0.30
C259 H$0.25
C259 U$0.25
C262 U$0.25
C263 NH$0.35
C263 H$0.25
C263 U$0.25
C264 NH$0.90
C264 H$0.75
C265 NH$0.35
C265 H$0.25
C265 U$0.25
C266-67 NH$0.65
C266-67 H$0.50
C266-67 U$0.35
C266 NH$0.35
C266 H$0.25
C267a NH, Note: SS/2$15.00
C267a H, SS/2$10.00
C268-69 H$0.50
C268 NH$0.35
C268 H$0.25
C269 NH$0.35
C269 NH, Note: SS/2$5.00
C269 U, SS/2$5.00
C269 U$0.25
C270 H$0.25
C271 H$0.30
C271 U$0.25
C272 NH$0.35
C272 H$0.25
C272 U$0.25
C273 NH$0.30
C273 H$0.25
C273 U$0.25
C274 NH$0.35
C276a NH, Note: SS/3$12.00
C276a H, Note: SS/3$9.50
C277 U$0.25
C278 NH$0.35
C278 H$0.25
C278 U$0.25
C279 NH$0.50
C280 NH$0.50
C280 H$0.35
C280 U$0.25
C280a NH, Note: Violet & Blue SS/3$8.50
C280a H, Note: Violet & Blue SS/3$6.50
C280a NH, Note: Green & Brown SS/3$8.50
C280a H, Note: Green & Brown SS/3$6.50
C281 NH$0.35
C281 U$0.25
C282 NH$0.30
C282 U$0.25
C284 U$0.25
C287a NH, Note: SS/3$14.00
C287a H, Note: SS/3$12.00
C288-89 U$0.35
C291 U$0.25
C291a NH, Note: SS/2$3.50
C292 U$0.25
C293 H$0.25
C293 U$0.25
C294 U$0.25
C295 H$0.25
C295 U$0.25
C297a NH, Note: SS/2$6.00
C298 U$0.25
C299 NH$0.30
C300-01 H$0.45
C300 NH$0.35
C300 H$0.25
C300 U$0.25
C301 NH$0.35
C301 H$0.25
C301 U$0.25
C302-03 H$0.35
C302 NH$0.30
C303 NH$0.35
C303 U$0.25
C307 NH$0.35
C307 U$0.25
C308 NH$0.40
C309 NH$0.35
C310 NH$0.30
C313 NH$0.30
C313 H$0.25
CB1-2 NH$1.65
CB1-2 H$1.25
CB1-2 U$0.40
CB1 NH$0.75
CB1 H$0.60
J43-47 NH$3.00
J43-47 H$2.00
J43-47 U$1.25
J43-44 H$1.25
J45-47 H$0.90
(See Scott Note: Talca Issue 10c Blue H) $0.25
Talca Issue 10c Blue U $0.25
RA3 U$0.25
RA5 NH$0.30
RA5 U$0.25
QRA1 NH$0.35

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